Freedom and flexibility: all about working Virtual First

When we shifted to a Virtual First work environment, Dropboxers around the world experienced massive impacts on both their work and home lives. Schedules were reimagined to help individuals, families, and teams work their best together, and and long commutes were effectively extinct. And while they had always been a part of our culture, freedom and flexibility soon became our biggest strength — and maybe the thing about their job that Dropboxers love most.

We asked our Dropboxers to share how Virtual First has brought freedom and flexibility to their lives; here are just a few of their stories!

“Virtual First means on-demand hugs from my toddler. I now have the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with him! Back when I commuted to an office, I was lucky if I managed to see him for a quick dinner before bedtime. And since Dropbox hasn’t historically had a big D.C. presence, I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to apply for this role prior to Virtual First!”

  • Jessica Taguding, Decision Analytics, Maryland D.C. Metropolitan Area

“With Virtual First, I save time I used to spend on my commute and can now spend on things that energize me, such as working out. I like the flexibility to be able to pop in a load of laundry between meetings or get groceries delivered!”

Heather Schrader
  • Heather Schrader, Director — Accounting, San Francisco Bay Area

“Virtual First means I get all the flexibility I need to work my best. I can work when and where I’m most efficient, whether that’s working in the evening so I can spend the afternoon with my nephews or taking a few days to work from the beach.”

Brian Amaratunga
  • Brian Amaratunga, Software Engineer, Albany, New York

“To me, Virtual First means being able to move to a location in my city that has a much lower cost of living because I no longer need to stress about living right next to a transit hub to get to work. It means being able to go to the gym before work and still be ready in time for my 9 AM calls. And since my boyfriend works shift work, we used to go days without seeing each other. But now it means we can have lunch together or spend more time when our schedules don’t align.”

  • Farah Kianipour, Compensation, British Columbia

“Working Virtual First has numerous benefits in my life. Getting to work when it’s most convenient for me allows me to balance my work and life much easier than working in person. Getting to set up my desk perfectly for the way I work has also been a huge benefit. Finally, getting to live where I want and work remotely from day to day opens up so many new options that weren’t possible without Virtual First.”

Hugh Bromund
  • Hugh Bromund, Software Engineer, Seattle Washington Metropolitan Area

“I came from public education, where there is very little to no work/life balance. This is a totally new experience for me and I never want to give it up. The time I now have for my family both in my home and out of town is amazing. Knowing I can work from wherever means I get to spend more than just a long weekend with the people I love most. I cannot believe how much money I have saved in terms of commute and, in all honesty, wardrobe!”

Raven Reaves
  • Raven Reaves, Customer Experience Training, Austin Texas Metropolitan Area

“I love setting up my own personal work space. Plus, Virtual First saves me a huge amount of time on commuting, and a flexible location means I’m never tied down anywhere and can find similar living spaces at cheaper rates. It also means if I need to suddenly travel somewhere or visit family internationally, I have the ability to do so while still completing my work effectively.”

  • Pardhu Konakanchi, Software Engineer, San Francisco Bay Area

“When I was working in San Francisco, I was commuting from Santa Cruz, living in an Airbnb Tuesday thru Friday and riding my bike 35 miles to get to and from the office. I could only see my partner only on the weekends or if she came up to visit. Now, because of Virtual First, we’ve moved into a home in Portland and can spend time throughout the day catching up, having brunch, going on walks, and supporting each others’ needs as they come up.”

  • Jordan Kessler, Recruiting — Emerging Talent, Portland Oregon Metropolitan Area

Virtual First might not mean much to you yet — but if you worked with us, it could mean everything. You can find open positions here.



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