How Dropboxers made a big difference during this quarter’s Impact Day

We love to give back at Dropbox. Many of our Dropboxers are involved in their communities all year long, utilizing Dropbox-sponsored opportunities and four paid days of volunteer time off (included in our employee benefits) to support causes close to their hearts. And once a quarter, we hold an official Impact Day, our quarterly day of service that encourages Dropboxers around the world to make a difference.

Representing a collaboration effort between Dropbox for Good, our ERGs, and the Dropbox Foundation, Impact Day has one simple goal: do good. This quarter, we focused on celebrating Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month and Pride Month. We also partnered with nonprofits, including Dropbox Foundation partners, to create volunteering and learning opportunities to increase equity for these communities and discuss allyship.

Take a look at some of the volunteer opportunities Dropboxers engaged in during Impact Day:

  • Participated in a Lunch & Learn with Kenrick Ross, Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
  • Learned about our digital footprint and how to manage it during a Digital Cleanup talk with the Dropbox on Dropbox team
  • Heard an update from Dropbox Foundation Partners BeLonGTo and Human Rights Law Centre
  • Celebrated the virtual Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Read-in and Pride Month Read-in with our school partners at Oakland Public Education Fund
  • Helped humanitarian organizations meet the needs of vulnerable people by tracing satellite imagery for disaster response efforts through a Mapathon with Missing Maps

Together, Dropboxers logged over 250 volunteer hours and collaborated with over 60 community nonprofits to bring awareness and support during this Impact Day. Here’s what some participants had to say about getting involved in this quarter’s Impact Day:

“I loved being able to present at Impact Day and highlight the often unseen environmental impact digital files can have and the amazing features Dropboxers are creating for users to stay organized and combat this!” — Jacq Deprey, CorpEng

“The second Impact Day of the year was a lot of fun to be a part of! Working with Jacq and Tristan from totally different teams at Dropbox to prepare and deliver a session was great and hopefully folks found it somewhat interesting or useful too. Looking forward to the next one already!” — Rory McConnell, Customer Experience

“Volunteering for Impact Day was something I really wanted to do this year and our API heritage month read-in was the perfect opportunity. Since we’re Virtual First, I was able to take part of a read-in for a school in the US that I normally wouldn’t be able to do, as I live Down Under! It was a great experience, and the Social Impact team were amazing at keeping us informed and enabled.” — Dani Tam, Marketing

“Impact day was really refreshing and inspiring. It was great to host our Foundation partners, BeLonG To, for a fireside chat, and I really enjoyed the ‘digital clean up’ session and already started cleaning up my Dropbox.” — Paul McGrath, Office Services

“Working with the HRLC through the Dropbox Foundation over the past two years has been incredibly rewarding. The work that HRLC do within Australia and their contribution towards human rights globally is so important and I’m very proud that Dropbox is supporting them in their efforts. During our Impact Day webinar, Hugh was able to shine a light on the impact the pandemic has had towards human rights and some of their initiatives as well as how we, as Dropboxers, can support them on an ongoing basis through Benevity donations, volunteer work, and even Hack Week projects.” — Michael Bradley, Sales and Channel

Interested in learning more about how Dropbox makes an impact — and could make an impact on your career too? Visit our jobs page.



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