How to nail your Virtual First interview, according to Dropbox recruiting pros

At Dropbox, the old days of in-office interviews are behind us. Interviewing in a Virtual First world allows you to speak to all of your amazing accomplishments from the comfort of your own home (and whatever sweatpants you’re wearing that day) — but how can you best prepare for this new process? How can you make sure that your interview is one that recruiters will remember?

We’ve got all the tips you need to glide through your interviews with ease. Read on for the best advice from Executive Recruiting Leadership Kim Rawlings, Head of GCO Talent Acquisition Justin McKenna, and Head of People Technology Tavish Ledesma.

How can you prepare for virtual interviews?

  • Tavish: The first way you can prepare is by having your list of accomplishments already laid out, and having a concise solid list of talking points speaking to the results and impact of each of those. And secondly, which is something that a lot of candidates surprisingly don’t do, is their research on the company. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time — you can spend a few minutes googling the company, looking at their latest announcements, looking at their product roadmap and asking questions.

What are the elements of a great interview?

  • Kim: The level of engagement that a candidate has with the interview panel is so important. It’s something that is small, but knowing the power of small talk and spending that time and trying to make a true connection with the interviewer goes deeper than your skills on paper.

What are the top mistakes applicants make during the interview process?

Want more ideas on how you can be a more engaging interviewee, plus other advice from the pros? Check out their application tips video on our Instagram.



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