How we’re making Dropbox right for you

In the last couple of years, the working world has been inundated with massive changes. From a rapid increase in remote workplaces to employees seeking greener pastures in the Great Resignation, organizations like ours have needed to keep a close pulse on what matters to their people in order to retain (and attract) the best of the best.

Through dedicated research, surveys, and many conversations with employees around the world, we always try to make sure that we’re aligning our business, benefits, and culture with what Dropboxers need in order to be their best selves. Here are some of the things they’ve told us they care most about — and how we support those.

Flexible scheduling is key for a healthy life-work balance.

The pandemic has shifted the way our lives are organized forever — and now that all Dropboxers are Virtual First, the line between work life and home life can be blurry. Getting time back in the day to get some fresh air, care for loved ones, work out, explore a hobby, or simply unplug and chill is crucial.

We’ve always supported flexible scheduling, but we’ve made it a key focus of our Virtual First transition with the implementation of Core Collaboration Hours, or CCH. CCH are company-wide time blocks (4 hours a day, based on your time zone) for real-time collaborative work. Outside of this time, Dropboxers are empowered to decline meetings and design their calendars around how and when they work (and live) best.

No cogs in the machine here — Dropboxers want to make an impact.

Sometimes, with mega-tech companies that have hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of employees worldwide, people can feel that their work is pointless. That’s not the case at Dropbox; our teams are building the future of work every day, with every single Dropboxer playing a part.

Even outside of the products we’re currently working on, we like to create space for employees to bring their best, weirdest, most niche ideas to life. With our annual Hack Week, Dropboxers across the globe get the chance to collaborate in the creation of some really cool projects — some of which eventually make their way into real Dropbox products.

We also provide and encourage extracurricular opportunities for employees who may be more interested in making an impact outside of our company. Our quarterly Impact Day gives Dropboxers the opportunity to participate in charitable activities both close to home and abroad, and we also provide each employee with 32 hours of paid volunteer time off each year so they can give back to whatever causes are closest to their hearts.

Growth is just as important to our people as it is to our business.

We’ve built our entire company around hiring people who are as ambitious and excited to learn as they are humble and supportive of each other. Dropboxers don’t want to stay stagnant; they want space to learn, grow, and advance their careers. They want to solve problems that are challenging and interesting.

We love to promote from within and support Dropboxers’ career journeys in every way we can! We’re constantly creating new growth opportunities for our employees, including initiatives specific to members of underrepresented minority communities and women in tech. Other training programs provide support and official mentorship to new graduates, engineers without traditional CS backgrounds, and interns as part of our Emerging Talent community. And all Dropboxers have access to regularly scheduled Tech Talks and seminars featuring the best minds in tech, talent, diversity, and beyond.

Just as our people work for us, we work for them — to make sure that Dropbox is a place they belong. Maybe Dropbox is right for you too; find out on our jobs site.




Get to know the people of Dropbox and the stories of how we’re making the world work better. Want to learn more about current opportunities? Check out:

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