Jeff Calvin finds inspiration and power in his community

Jeff Calvin

For Pride Month 2019, we celebrate love in all its forms. This year, our LGBTQ+ employee resource group Pridebox chose the theme Love is ___. This theme emphasizes inclusivity by allowing people to consider what love means to them as well as others. During the month we’ll be asking members of Pridebox how they fill in the blank. Meet Jeff Calvin.

Q: What is your name, what office do you work out of, and how long have you been at Dropbox?

A: I’m Jeff Calvin. I’ve worked out of the San Francisco office since February 2018.

Left: Working in the Dropbox Tuckshop; Right: At a Giants game — can you guess how many Dropboxers we have at Oracle Park?

Q: What’s your current role in helping make the world work better?

A: I help identify talented individuals who aspire to bring their knowledge, talents, and creative energy to a company that is transforming the way the world works.

Q: What does this year’s theme, Love is ___, mean to you? How do you fill in the blank?

A: Love means so many different things to me, whether it’s a nice bottle of bubbles, a good audiobook, a group fitness class or volleyball game, or a full night of sleep.

Love also is when each and every one of us can be our true, authentic selves every day and learn from and with each other. Personally, love is also being a dad (to two children) and a husband, which is something I’ve always wanted but did think would be possible as a gay man.

At the Dropbox 70’s themed holiday party

Q: Do you have advice or suggestions on how to be a better ally?

A: Be authentic, be genuine, and don’t assume.

Q: Are there any LGBTQ+ leaders or role models that you look up to?

A: James Baldwin, Elton John, Ricky Martin, Michael Sam, Elena Delle Donne, Megan Rapinoe, Wade Davis II, and numerous other role models who are helping us transform what it means to be our true, authentic selves as well as what family is.

Q: What topics do you feel are top of mind for you and the LGBTQ+ community that you belong to?

A: Not topics, but organizations helping us have a voice are The Trevor Project, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), It Gets Better Project, Black Lives Matter, and Trans Rights are Human Rights.

Q: Can you tell us about your community?

A: For me, my community is family, friends, and anyone willing to teach me. I have an amazing blended family, and I want my boys to be exposed to as much education, influence, and love as possible to help them grow into amazing humans who are passionate about life.

Left: Family of 3; Right: Became a family of 4 in 2019

Q: What are you most excited for with this year’s Pride Month at Dropbox?

A: I am excited about continuing to be inspired by all the amazing individuals that I get to work with — the way we authentically inquire, learn, grow together, and inspire each other to be genuine humans each and every day.




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