Maria Carla on finding a diverse community in the U.S. that has helped shape who she is

Maria Carla

This year, our employee resource group Latinx@ changed “Hispanic Heritage Month” to “Latinx Heritage Month” to recognize the intersectional experience of being Latinx. So, for Latinx Heritage Month this year, we chose the theme “Mejor Juntos/ Better Together” to celebrate and uplift all Latinx communities: Black, Indigenous, Undocumented, Immigrant, LGBTQ+, Women, and more. We encourage you to acknowledge the salient contributions and beauty that Latinx and Immigrant communities bring to this country. Our intersectional identities are what make us better together. During the month, we’ll be asking members of Latinx@ what the theme means to them.

Q: What is your name, what office do you work out of, and how long have you been at Dropbox?

A: My name is Maria Carla Cella, and I have been working at Dropbox in the Austin, TX, office since November of 2018. I am originally from Argentina but spent five years of my childhood in Brazil.

Embracing the heights and views over the hills and coastline of Rio de Janeiro with Cristo Redentor, in 2012

Q: What’s your current role in helping make the world work better?

A: I am a business development representative for the Latin America sales team, focused on Spanish-speaking countries. I find it very rewarding to help companies and people in the region improve their workflows, while learning about the digital transformation journey that they are going through. I always love talking to fans of Dropbox and hearing how we have already been helping companies and individuals in Latin America for over a decade.

On South Padre Island with friends and her dog Dottie (bottom) and Rider (top)

Q: In your time at Dropbox, what’s something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of?

A: After being inspired by the sustainability efforts of my colleagues in San Francisco, I helped launch Planet DBX in Austin. It is still a young and ongoing project, but have already gotten to do some cool events, like making seedbombs for pollinators for Earth Week, installing composting bins in the bathrooms, and hosting a talk by the company that picks up said composting to find out where our organic refuse ends up. Next, I would love to dive into some sustainable mobility/commuting initiatives.

Taking in the last rays of the sunset in the Moab Desert, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Q: What does this year’s theme, “Mejor Juntos/ Better Together,” mean to you?

A: “Mejor Juntos/ Better Together” is very meaningful to me because the diverse community I have found to the U.S. has helped form me into who I am today. Through my academic Latin American studies journey and travels in the region, as well as the LatAm teams I have had the privilege of directly working with at Dropbox and my previous job, I have come to cherish the inclusion, unity, and diversity that I feel when I am with fellow Latinxs and our allies, no matter what nation they come from.

Enjoying the murals inside Coit Tower (San Francisco) during Sales Bootcamp

Q: What topic or topics do you feel are top of mind for you and the Latinx community, and why?

A: As someone born outside the U.S. on a journey to become American, I definitely have immigration as a top-of-mind issue every single day. It hurts to see occasions of hatred and exclusion toward immigrants of all origins and the obstacles that Latinx people have to overcome so they can feel safe and build a good life for their families. However, I am also very aware of and thankful for the people, American and otherwise, working to tear down these walls and show that the U.S. can still be a welcoming land of opportunity. I am also so grateful to be working with a company that reflects these values.

In her happy place, about to ski down the powdery white Colorado mountaintops

Q: What are you most excited for this year’s Latinx Heritage Month at Dropbox?

A: I am super excited for the variety of events we have planned, ranging from educational to celebratory and everything in between. I am especially looking forward to hosting the papel picado workshop, since I love crafty activities, and making the rounds with a chai cart loaded with sangria and jamón serrano the last week of September.



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