Meet the Dropbox Emerging Talent Team (Part 2)

There are many paths to get to Dropbox, and a few of those run directly through the Emerging Talent team. This small but powerful team is responsible for our internships, apprenticeships, and early-in-career talent programs that welcome dozens of new Dropboxers from across the world into our fold each year. In part two of our series, learn a little more about these team members’ own professional journeys, their perspective on emerging talent, and how Virtual First is changing it all!

Where are you located and how long have you worked for Dropbox?

Alyssa: Minneapolis, MN. I’ve worked at Dropbox for 4 months.

Daisy: San Jose, CA. I’ve worked at Dropbox for 2 months.

Jordan: Portland, OR. I worked at Dropbox from 2017–2019 and came back in 2021.

Cha’ron: Richmond, CA. I am a contractor with Dropbox and I started in May 2021!

Laura: San Mateo, CA. I’ve worked at Dropbox for 3 years.

How did you get involved in Emerging Talent (or what’s your favorite thing about Emerging Talent?)

Alyssa: I spent the last 8 years working in the education access and success non-profit sector, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the ET team. Emerging Talent is building more equitable pathways into tech — it’s important and impactful work that I’m thrilled to be a part of.

Daisy: I used to work in Community Relations, and there I focused on economic mobility for families in the Bay Area. I have always been passionate about creating more opportunity and Dropbox has great programs that create pathways for people that want to break into tech. A perfect example is the IGNITE Apprenticeship.

Jordan: I got involved in Emerging Talent after a career in retail leadership and recruiting with Apple. I love Emerging Talent because of the connection with students and helping students find the first steps in their career paths. I believe Dropbox is a really safe place to learn and grow, so bringing students together in roles that are developing the future of Dropbox is meaningful.

Laura: Prior to Dropbox, I spent nine years in Higher Education. Passionate about diversity and leveling the playing field within tech, I made the leap from education to tech and joined Dropbox’s diversity recruiting team. In that role, I worked closely with our University Recruiting team on various diversity initiatives and realized how much I missed engaging with early in career talent and being a part of their career journey. Two years ago there was an opportunity to join the team, and the rest was history!

Cha’ron: In my previous position I wore MULTIPLE hats, and one of them was University Recruiting for Computer Science majors! My first campus visit was UC Berkeley and I was so nervous in the beginning — I was not technically experienced and I felt like a thorn sticking out — however, by the end of the career fair, I was not only exhausted but energized by the excitement and energy from the students. My favorite part is hearing everyone’s story and passion for their future!

How is Virtual First changing the game for Emerging Talent?

Jordan: It opens us up to a more diverse slate of candidates. Not everyone has the privilege to up and move to a major tech hub like San Francisco or Seattle. With Virtual First, we’re able to engage students at schools and locations we haven’t previously been able to. I also think there’s societal pressure on people to grind, grind, grind in your early years of your career. With Virtual First, there’s a more balanced approach to working hard and also setting boundaries to focus on your personal life.

Laura: Virtual First has pushed our team to reevaluate how we attract and interact with early-in-career talent. We shifted all of our recruiting events from in-person to virtual, which has expanded our reach and ability to engage with candidates across North America, no matter their background or location.

Cha’ron: Virtual First has been a game-changer for accessibility in talent across the U.S. by removing barriers and having the opportunity to expand culture and community beyond in-person connections.

Have you implemented any behaviors or changed anything about your remote work environment to adjust for success in Virtual First?

Cha’ron: I purchased a standing desk, then a high stool for sitting. I have my desk filled with inspiration quotes, photos, and a camera light for better videos on Zoom and other platforms. Virtual First is not the same as bumping into someone in person, but I feel more commitment to make as many connections as possible through social events and cold reach-outs! It is a walk on the wild side!

How has Virtual First had an impact on your life?

Alyssa: I walk my dog over lunch most days. It’s great to get outside and move! I’m looking forward to traveling more and working remotely from different locations so I can explore and see family and friends more often.

Daisy: I love not commuting! I used to spend at least two hours every day commuting, but now I can spend my time going on walks in the morning and just being around friends and family more.

Laura: The flexibility has been a game changer! As a new mom, I enjoy the freedom Virtual First provides by allowing me to craft my own schedule and prioritize my day as needed. Commuting back to an office and balancing new family responsibilities would have been a challenge, so I am grateful to not have those worries and work at a company that values a balanced way of life.

Cha’ron: It has given me perspective, growth, understanding, confusion, and distress — but overall a reset button on moving forward and creating a more intentional approach to life both personally and professionally!

Jordan: First, I was able to come back to Dropbox after leaving the Bay Area for Portland, OR. I feel so lucky to be back at Dropbox working with a high-performing team focusing on meaningful work. I also have developed a couple of side hustles — camper-van rentals and growing and selling flowers. Virtual First allows me the flexibility to pursue passion projects and weave these various ventures together throughout the work week.

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