Meet the veterans helping to make the world work better at Dropbox

At Dropbox, going Virtual First means we have the ability to hire from different backgrounds and locations — which means we have an even greater opportunity to create a more diverse workforce. We’re always looking for outside-the-box thinkers and strategic problem solvers who can apply their past experiences towards their current endeavors. That means actively looking outside traditional hiring pools and actively seeking out candidates, like veterans, who bring a unique level of expertise and leadership to all our teams.

While these veterans are currently helping all of us at Dropbox make the world work better, we want to honor their service by sharing how these Dropboxers served their country in their previous roles. Read on to see the then and now comparisons of these Dropboxer veterans!

Nick Frost

Then: 5 years (U.S. Navy)
Now: Audience Development Manager, DocSend (Dropbox)

Puppet Mills

Then: 4 years (Nevada Air National Guard)
Now: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Eric Wittig

Then: 5 Years (US Navy)
Now: Technical Program Manager Lead

“Dropbox is a place where you can have a pretty big impact. You can take your skills from the military and directly apply them to how we’re running the business. There’s not a lot of structure to hold you back; people at Dropbox are very willing to listen to good ideas regardless of where they come from.”
-Eric Wittig, Technical Program Manager, U.S. Navy

Travis Williams

Then: 5 Years (Marine Corps), 2009–2014
Now: Site Reliability Engineer — Production Access & Controls

We’re glad to have a wonderful veterans community here at Dropbox and proud to make the world work better alongside people who have served our country.

“At Dropbox, we’re always looking to hire talented people with integrity and grit — characteristics core to military veterans. It’s important to Dropbox that we’re intentional about building an inclusive culture, and we should all care about ensuring our veterans go on to great careers after their service.” -Drew Houston, CEO

To learn more about Dropbox’s commitment to veteran hiring at Dropbox, read the Dropbox blog here.



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