No matter where we work: Cat & Will talk about the perks, challenges, and unique energy of our Dublin office

For some companies, headquarters is the only place to be. Satellite offices can be few and neglected. But at Dropbox, we believe every office we have is equally important. No matter where we work, we strive to offer the same level of support and opportunities to every employee. For this blog series, we asked team members from offices outside headquarters to tell us about everything from relocating for work to the energy that makes their office unique.

Cat Poyntz, HR Operations Analyst, and Will Boström, Core Enterprise Account Executive for the Nordic Market, both work out of our Dublin office. This international headquarters location is home to a small but tight-knit team of roughly 250 employees. Will, like many of our Dublin team members, moved from his home country to Ireland after being referred by a colleague.

“I relocated from Stockholm in 2017. Overall it was a super cool move, because people at Dropbox know that they have a lot of individuals in this situation, so we have a whole team taking care of people who move abroad. Seeing that you’ve come to a company where there are so many people like you and in the same situation as you, it wasn’t long before I found friends and a work family here.”

Coming from a position at another tech company, Cat also found that the people at Dropbox Dublin were welcoming and caring beyond what she had come to expect from a workplace.

“What makes Dropbox Dublin unique is that we are a really tight knit, big family here. Everyone is so approachable and welcoming. We have a really unique culture, and everyone is in tune with each other, maybe because we’re so small. It’s a really great atmosphere and welcoming environment. You can walk up and speak to anyone and they’ll give you their time.”

Will in the Greenhouse

Of course, while approaching coworkers who are based in the Dublin office can be easy, it can sometimes be a challenge to have the connection everyone would like with coworkers and stakeholders in HQ. We’ve worked hard to come up with creative solutions and processes to communicate effectively across the world and make sure that everybody feels empowered to manage their time and their work life balance while staying connected with their counterparts in HQ.

“The main challenge is always going to be time zones,” said Cat. “It can be hard in the beginning to find your own work life balance and manage your time efficiently. What works for me is the ‘Working with Me’ doc. Since I am the only person on the HR operations team based outside of HQ, it explains how to best work with me and how and when to contact me. A lot of the time, other teams don’t really know what you can flex on and what you can’t, so I think it’s important to have open communication and meet with your team on a regular weekly basis.”

In addition to not having to work late, Will appreciates the level of autonomy and trust that he and other Dublin team members are granted by Dropbox senior executives to do what they think is best for European markets.

“Headquarters always lets us do what we believe in. We are trying to pioneer what we’re doing in the market, and all markets are different, so that allows us to try our own things out. Even if you fail ten times in a row, they encourage you to try an eleventh time.”

At the end of the day, despite the struggles they sometimes face, both Cat and Will agree: the Dropbox Dublin office is a truly unique place to work.

Said Cat, “I never wake up and dread coming to work. It’s always a pleasure to come here. Everyone has great energy; we’re all just passionate people, and all striving towards the same goal. And the office space is just insane, everyone who visits is astonished by our working environment! One of my favorite spaces is the Karaoke Room; on Happy Hour Fridays, everyone comes in after work and has a few drinks and gets up and sings. It’s so fun!”

Interested in making a move to Dublin, or learning more about our other global offices? New opportunities pop up every day! Take a look at our current job postings for Dublin and for other locations.



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