Out of the shadows: Bree Bunzel shares her journey and reflections growing up Korean American

Bree’s first day of kindergarten

For many members of the API community, it can take a lifetime to embrace an identity that is often ridiculed or persecuted in Western culture. This has been especially visible in recent months, with spikes in anti-Asian hate that have rocked our communities, but the erasure that forces many to keep their culture hidden away isn’t new.

During API Month at Dropbox, we’re encouraging our Dropboxers to come “out of the shadows” — to step into the light and be seen and heard. Bree Bunzel, Head of Global Customer Marketing, penned a powerful piece about her experiences growing up Korean American — including the stereotypes she faced, the ways she coped with discrimination, and how she finally began to find her own voice and embrace her culture.

You can read Bree’s full story here.



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