Taking care of the holistic Dropboxer in a Virtual First world

Something we’ve always known to be true is that, if we aren’t supporting every aspect of a Dropboxer’s wellness outside of just their professional selves, we aren’t supporting them at all. This conviction has informed many of our benefits, initiatives, and policies at Dropbox, including our move to a Virtual First work environment.

Many Dropboxers have told us that this shift to remote work has empowered them to take care of their holistic humanity and health in a way they never could before. We’re happy to share some of their stories here!

“Virtual First means having the best mental health I’ve ever had. I feel much healthier and happier, and I feel like I have a lot more time to live life outside of work. The time I spend at work feels much more productive since I don’t have any distractions and can control my time a lot more, especially since I don’t waste time commuting. I don’t like living in cities, so it has meant a lot to me to be able to live further out, have more space, and to still be able to do a job I love. Dropbox makes me feel really taken care of in that way, and I really do believe that the happier you are in your day-to-day life, the better you’re able to show up for work in the same way.”

  • Sudipti Garvey, Product Design, Seattle Washington Metropolitan Area

“Virtual First means valuing my whole self — not just my professional identity. My work/life balance has improved exponentially since joining Dropbox. I’m very productive at home and can make the most of the hours I’m working. The elimination of a commute gives me more time with my family and more time to concentrate on my health (and work out with our Dropbox-provided free Peloton membership!)”

  • Melissa Stringer, People Ops Projects Manager, San Francisco Bay Area

“Because of Virtual First, I now find meaning in my life outside of work because the two are much more integrated than they have ever been. When 10–12 hours of our day are spent commuting and thinking about work, there is less time to create deep meaning in other areas of our lives. Now that I am able to work remotely, I have been able to feed other aspects of myself and grow as a person. Weekly, in-person appointments with my therapist are easier than ever, I can get into a predictable exercise routine, and I can have time during the day to garden, take walks, and make good food.”

  • Jordan Kessler, Recruiting — Emerging Talent, Portland Oregon Metropolitan Area

“Working from home has been a game changer for me, especially after having a baby in June of 2021. It made the transition back into the working world so much easier and allows me to have the flexibility to spend quality time with our daughter that I wouldn’t have if I were working in an office from 9–5. I also get to take walks with our dogs and spend more time outside, which has been huge for my mental health!”

Emmaline Nabors
  • Emmaline Nabors, Benefits Analyst, Austin Texas Metropolitan Area

“As an introvert, Virtual First gives me a lot of mental space. I really feel like I’m in my own skin all the time.”

  • Elle Xing, Head of Comp — President’s Org & G&A, San Francisco Bay Area

“Virtual First means having the time to feel better in my space. Having a chronic illness, type 1 diabetes, used to mean stress if my body wasn’t performing while at work, or stress from not always having the supplies I needed with me. Now I can work on a schedule that best suits my body and its needs.”

  • Maggie Gallagher, Enterprise Marketing, Tennessee

“I can’t believe how much more productive I am when I’m not exhausted from not enough sleep due to a stupid commute, resentful because I have to do social niceties even when I’m trying to focus, or having to put off vital being-a-person things, like doctor’s appointments, because I spend 10 hours a day preparing for, being at, or going to and from an office. I’ve had many office jobs in my life, and without exception I lose all motivation after about 6 months for these reasons: coming to an office absolutely eats my life and makes me hate my job, even if I love the work. Virtual First allows me to be a healthy, happy person, and I bring that to work with me. It has also allowed me to relocate to a town I absolutely adore where I’ve made friends, started doing comedy again and always have the energy to work out after work because, again, I haven’t spent the entire day from the second my alarm has gone off thinking, ‘When can I go back to bed?’ Office life, for many of us, requires putting on a kind of costume, pretending to be someone else — or at least a very circumscribed version of yourself. Virtual First means I’m the same person all day, and it makes me want to do my very best work all the time so that I can stay at Dropbox as long as possible.”

  • Lauren Shields, CW-Content Specialist II, Indiana

“Virtual First means the ability to enjoy life more! I’ve been able to travel, visit friends, see my family more and just be generally happier. I still work hard, but I am way happier about it and get to just experience life in a way I wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago. I really really appreciate what Dropbox has done for work in general, but also for me personally.”

John Larkin
  • John Larkin, Software Engineer, San Francisco Bay Area

“Virtual First means hugging my kids between meetings. I have young children and cannot imagine being a working mom and needing to commute everyday. I’d have no opportunity to spend time with my kids and would have to outsource all household duties.”

  • Lainie Bradley, Senior Product Manager, Seattle Washington Metropolitan Area

“Virtual First means managing work into life, not life around work! I have been able to, for the first time in my professional career, prioritize myself and my health. Virtual First allows me to build in workouts everyday and manage my day around what works best for me! It has also allowed me to relocate to be closer to my family, again, for the first time in my professional career. This has been life-changing as I’ve been able to see my sweet nephews all the time!”

  • Kristin Volker, Recruiter, Tennessee

Virtual First might not mean much to you yet — but if you worked with us, it could mean everything. You can find open positions here.



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