Top 7 highlights of our global pride month celebrations

We recently wrapped up our 2018 Pride Month celebrations led by Pridebox, our LGBTQ employee-resource group. This year’s theme “Our Stories: Connecting our History with our Future,” illuminated and celebrated the LGBTQ experience by sharing Dropboxers’ personal stories and how they shaped who they are today.

Pridebox members across the globe planned more than 40 events meant to educate and celebrate our connection to the LGBTQ community. There were too many to cover in a single blog post, so we’ve rounded up the top seven.

In no particular order, here are seven highlights from our Dropbox Global Pride Month Celebrations:

1. Opening ceremonies & activities

June 1st fell on a Friday, which meant opening ceremonies coincided with Friday Happy Hour. There were custom drink menus, rainbow-colored food, and specials guests.

(left) Heklina greeted San Francisco employees as they arrived at work (right) She returned in the afternoon with friends for a special Pride Month opening day performance
(left) Seattle Welcomed Ursula Major (right) Pride Month Happy Hour in New York

2. Sharing stories

This year’s theme “Our Stories: Connecting our History with our Future” gave employees the opportunity to share stories that connect their past to their present. Their stories were shared on an internal gallery and on portraits posted around the office, inviting employees to learn more about the experiences that make up Dropbox’s LGBTQ community. We also shared employee spotlights externally, giving readers a deeper look at employees like Peter Redmond, the facilities coordinator in New York, and Eliza Rhee, the founder of the NYC Pridebox Chapter.

(left) Click here to read Tom’s story (middle) Richard’s story as decor in the Tel Aviv office (right) Click here to Cooper’s story

3. Pridebox ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq

On June 14, Pridebox New York was invited to ring the opening bell at Nasdaq. After ringing the bell, the Pridebox leads sat down for a quick interview:

Pridebox at Nasddaq

4. Pride Parade Dublin

Dropbox Dublin marched for the fifth consecutive year in the 2018 Dublin Pride Parade. Dropboxers took to the streets to unleash their inclusive, proud, fierce, equal, diverse, and loving energy. The float was bigger, better, and louder than ever before!

The DBX Pride Bus

5. The Panels & Droptalks

Throughout June, we welcomed external guests and employees to share their stories and experiences live for Dropbox employees. In Austin, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle, several panels discussed allyship, what it means to be an ally both at work and outside of it, and how we can best support each other.

(left) Pride in Sports panel featuring LGBTQ athletes (middle) Pridebox lead interviewing California State Senator Scott Wiener (right) San Francisco ally panel with CFO Ajay Vashee and Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Angela Roseboro.
(left) Ally panel in NYC, co-hosted with OutRight (right) Dublin Pridebox executive sponsor Adrienne Gormley, Head of Customer Experience, chatted with Arden Hoffman, VP of People on Dropbox, her career, diversity & inclusion.

6. Community events

Pride Month celebrations and activities weren’t limited to our offices and employees. It also involved bringing the outside community to Dropbox.

Dropboxers donated and volunteered with Larkin Street Youth Services, one of the Dropbox Foundation’s first four grantees for Pride. Money was raised to provide goody bags with useful items.
(left) Pridebox Seattle went to a screening hosted by Three Dollar Bill Cinema entitled LOCAL PRODUCE, a collection of locally-made LGBTQIA+ short films from TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival and Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival (right) San Francisco hosted a Pride Art Fair featuring LGBTQ Bay Area artists

7. Office decor & Pride/rainbow food

Our offices (and cafes) went all out in decorating for Pride Month. From rainbow walkways to colorful treats, there was no shortage of rainbow decor, that celebrated the diversity of the LGBTQ community.

(left) Cafe view in Tel Aviv featuring employee stories (middle) Lobby in New York (right) Rainbow flower heart art in Seattle
(left)) Rainbow Poke for lunch (right) Bake sale benefitting The Trevor Project with pronoun cupcakes
No shortage of cupcakes!

It’s impossible to sum up all of the excitement activities during Pride Month, so we hope you enjoyed the highlights! Our hope is to not just have an impact during Pride Month, but each day of the year.

Want to celebrate with us next year? We’re hiring. Visit



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