What Dropboxers are baking and how Virtual First has changed the way Dropboxers work (and bake) from home

Moving to a Virtual First way of working means that Dropboxers have been finding new ways to connect with one another across the globe. Food is comforting, nourishing, and necessary, which makes it a wonderful and delicious commonality between Dropboxers who have joined #foodathome, a Slack channel dedicated to sharing the culinary creations cooked by Dropbox home chefs! #foodathome allows anyone who joins the chance to connect on the common ground of cooking with anyone within Dropbox, even individuals they haven’t met in real life or even through working on projects together.

Left: Ramp (wild onion) biscuits baked by Software Engineer Fangfei Shen; Right: Molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla custard baked by Software Engineer Saumya Dwivedi

We asked Dropboxers in the #foodathome channel to share with us what they’ve been baking, and they certainly rose to the occasion! Check out what our talented home bakers have created, and discover how some of their baking habits have changed since making the shift to a fully Virtual First work schedule.

Mountain Rose Apple Pie by Administrative Business Partner Malena Lankenau

“I’ve been experimenting with more adventurous flavor combos! Raspberry sumac snickerdoodles, honey roasted peanut butter jalapeño potato chip cookies, & chocolate cake with blackberry basil buttercream just to name a few.”

-Malena Lankenau, Administrative Business Partner

Cotton Candy Cupcakes baked by Sarah Marks

“I’m watching my children find recipes online and helping them bake them. They are following the recipe, while I assist with details (like the frosting) or basically doing the clean up.”

-Sarah Marks, Compliance

Blackberry Pie baked by Engineering Manager Aisha Ferrazares

“I’ve been able to bake bread more frequently. Taking a quick break between meetings to fold my dough is a great excuse to stop staring at a screen every once in a while.”

-Aisha Ferrazares, Engineering Manager

Persimmon bread, banana bread, olive bread, lemon squares, and chocolate zucchini cupcakes baked by Linda Lu

“Probably have never baked so much in my life, especially breads!”

-Linda Lu, Risk & Compliance

Sourdough with blueberry and cornmeal bread & kouign-amann baked by Anna Clegg

“I’ve had to learn to bake less and in smaller portions, since I can’t bring all my leftover baking to my team anymore. But also I have the time now to bake longer and more complex things (like the pastry).”

-Anna Clegg, Quality Assurance Engineer

Thanks to all our Dropboxers for sharing their home baked creations with us! If you loved this post and are interested in seeing more of the daily work, play, and all things behind the scenes at Dropbox, check out our Instagram @LifeInsideDropbox.



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