Virtual First life is sweeter in the Big Peach

Atlanta is the fourth fastest-growing metro area in the nation. Why? Well, for starters, its economy is booming. For remote tech workers, Atlanta is a dream place to call home. With over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, the opportunities for advancing your career are endless — especially in tech. [1]

But it’s not just the job opportunities that draw people to Atlanta; it’s also the southern hospitality and high quality of life it offers. The nation’s best and brightest in-person remote workers are flocking to the ATL, often citing its diversity, affordable housing, thriving arts scene, abundance of green spaces, and decades of rich history as major draws.

Let us show you around. Here’s a bit of the best that Atlanta has to offer remote workers.

Work-friendly cafes: kick back, grab a snack, connect to the free WiFi, and let’s get some work done.

Bold Monk Brewing Co.

  • Don’t let the name fool you. This place is more than just a brewery — it’s also a restaurant, bookstore, coworking space, and coffee shop all at once. Perfect for any time of day, Bold Monk Brewing Co. is massive. Patrons will feel immediately welcome to sit, relax, and enjoy free WiFi in both their indoor and outdoor areas.

East Pole Coffee Company

  • This roastery and coffee shop is Atlanta born and bred, offering some of ATL’s best coffee. It’s honestly got everything a remote worker could want — an incredibly bright and spacious interior, plenty of seating with accessible electrical outlets, reliable WiFi, and some pretty darn tasty pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

Politan Row

  • One thing that sets Atlanta apart from other cities is their growing abundance of spectacular food halls. One standout of this scene is luxury hall Politan Row, which features 11 independent restaurants, a patio bar, and a hidden cocktail lounge.

It’s happy hour! Well, almost… Grab a drink at these top spots to close out the workday.

St. Regis Bar

  • Listen, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself after a long day at the (remote) office, and the St. Regis Bar is the perfect place for that. It also makes for the ideal meetup spot to connect with colleagues, business partners, first dates, or anyone else you’re trying to impress.

The S.O.S. Tiki Bar

  • Remote workers flock to ATL for the mild winter and hospitable spring and fall. But summer can sometimes get toasty. Enter The S.O.S. Tiki Bar to whisk you away on an island retreat, filled with a welcoming sea breeze, palm trees, and all the frozen cocktails you could ever want — served in coconuts and pineapples no less!

Georgia Beer Garden

  • Speaking of warm weather, is there anything better than comfortably enjoying a tasty brew at a beer garden during the winter months? Nope. Georgia Beer Garden has over 100 different local beers on rotation, and a fantastic food menu to boot. We’re particularly fond of the wings in between beer one and two.

Atlanta’s history and natural beauty, on full display

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

  • The impact that Atlanta has had on the world is undeniable, and at the center is its connection to the civil rights movement. At the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, you’ll be able to walk in the footsteps of one of history’s most important figures, right where he was born and raised. Next door you’ll be able to visit Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Change where you can learn more about Dr. King, his wife Coretta Scott King, and other important nonviolent social movements.

Piedmont Park

  • Atlanta has at times been referred to as the “City in a Forest” or “City of Trees,” and with so much accessible nature nearby, it’s not hard to see why. For those looking for nature without leaving the city, Piedmont Park in Midtown is a 185-acre haven right in arm’s reach.

Working remote at Dropbox

At Dropbox, our Virtual First policy is here to champion your successes, personally and professionally. And there’s no better place to succeed than Atlanta.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to sell living in ATL. It’s got everything: southern hospitality, a dynamic arts scene, diverse cultures, exceptional food, history, and access to nature. Best of all, it’s a thriving economic and financial hub where you will be surrounded by a workforce of career-minded individuals who value a high standard of living.

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