What’s it like working from home in Japan? Yoichi Ryomura fills us in

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. While our offices may be closed, we still plan to have virtual activities around our inclusive theme, “api& ___ ,” celebrating the vibrancy, diversity, and messiness of our intersecting identities.

The “&” lets us break out of a single definition: at a personal level, it creates space for us to explore our intersecting identities; on a global scale, it invites us to reflect on the larger communities that we’re a part of. We explore this theme by asking some of our Dropboxers about their pastimes and their experiences. Meet Yoichi Ryomara, one of our very first Dropbox Japan team members and master of remote working!

I’m Asian and _________ ?

A master of working from home!

Can you explain how you started working from home?

I started to work for Dropbox in July 2015 in Osaka, in the super early stages of Dropbox Japan. There was no office, no materials, and nobody in Osaka — it was only me! My home was literally my office, so I’ve been doing WFH for five years.

Does anything stick out from your first day (or first few days) at Dropbox?

I was impressed by the realization that we do everything for customer satisfaction.

What team are you on?

I am an Outbound Sales Manager for West Japan on the GSC [Global Sales & Channel] team.

What office do you work in?

I work in the Osaka office, which just opened in December.

Photo in Osaka Officu

Where would you most like to visit once quarantine is over?

Kyoto. I actually live in Nara, which is very close to Kyoto. My family goes to the shrine and temple in Kyoto often, to calm ourselves and enjoy the seasons.

Photo of Kyoto

What is your favorite Dropbox event?

The Sales Kick Off (SKO) with the APJ team. We hold these sales kick offs four times each year: once in Tokyo, once in Sydney, and twice virtually, where we meet together in one place and learn best practices and discuss strategies with each other. After that, we go out for dinner. This is the climax event for our team! It represents the epitome of who we are — we work hard and we play hard!

Photo of APJ members
Left: Dinner; Right: The crazy guys in Karaoke room.

What Dropbox office would you most like to visit?

Owens in San Francisco, our headquarters.

What part of the office do you miss most during quarantine?

I miss making small talk and chatting with my team members.

What is a hobby or skill you’ve been exploring during quarantine?

I’ve been working on my English skills. Every day I watch YouTube videos of English training.

You can learn more about the various ERGs that support team members of all different backgrounds at Dropbox here.



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