Why we celebrate trust and security: Five Dropboxers on what Trustober is all about

Oct 21 · 3 min read

Every October is Trustober, an action-packed month of events that explore four themes: security, safety, privacy, and reliability. We dedicate the whole month to celebrate the culture of security at our company. Employees in every office get the chance to attend talks, activities, workshops, and more.

So, what do these four areas really mean for us at Dropbox? We spoke to five employees in each area, to get their thoughts.

On security

By Jake Orr, Security Culture Analyst

“Security is at the core of Dropbox’s products and processes, and fostering a strong security mindset is crucial to our health and success as a business. Our goal is to empower all Dropboxers to become gatekeepers of trust for themselves, for fellow Dropboxers, and for our customers.”

“Whether it’s using a password manager, writing secure code, reporting suspicious emails, or alerting the security team when you notice something out of place in the office, we want employees to have the knowledge to inform good judgment and to proactively reach out for advice and guidance. Having these principles in place will cultivate a safe workplace, a secure product, and satisfied customers!”

On safety

By Trey Castleberry, Global Head of Physical Security

“Keeping our employees safe, healthy, and secure is our highest priority. We affirm that the safety of Dropboxers is of the utmost importance, and we believe it is a responsibility not only shared by the Security teams at Dropbox, but by all employees as well.”

“The Physical Security & Safety team is committed to ensuring that Dropboxers have the available information, resources, training, and tools to empower and equip them with the ability to make good decisions and remain safe while at work and outside the office.”

By Chau Vu, Business Continuity Manager

“Before, during, and after an emergency incident or event, safety is focused on the following three things: people (safety of employees), property (safety and security of all global offices), and processes (ensuring business continuity).”

“Safety is upheld by all employees but also multiple teams at Dropbox, including Business Continuity, Office, and Physical Security. ‘Being worthy of trust,’ which is one of our core company values, is paramount to everyone’s safety, not just to all employees but also our partners. During Trustober, we empower employees by providing the necessary information to be safe. Our aim is to be able to do tomorrow what we were doing yesterday, no matter what happens today.”

On privacy

By Will Yoon, Senior Director, Privacy and Product Counseling

“Our users entrust Dropbox with some of their most important stuff. Because of this, it’s our obligation to protect the privacy of their data and personal information. The Dropbox Privacy Policy best frames our foundational commitment to our users when it says, ‘stewardship of your data is critical to us and a responsibility that we embrace.’”

“The Privacy Team is dedicated to helping Dropbox and Dropboxers live up to that commitment in the products we ship, the decisions we make, and all other initiatives we undertake.”

On reliability

By Joey Beyda, Engineering Manager

“Have you ever loaded your favorite cloud-based application only to find it was unresponsive? Reliability is all about being worthy of trust. Our customers expect that Dropbox will be there when they need it and work how they expect it to.”

“At Dropbox, we look at reliability across multiple dimensions (such as availability, durability, and performance) and multiple layers of our stack (such as backend, platform, and application). During Trustober, we’re excited to share more about how reliability is doing at Dropbox, what we’ve learned from past successes and failures, and most importantly how every Dropboxer can make a difference.”

Interested in joining our culture of security and trust? Check out the Dropbox jobs page to learn more.

Life Inside Dropbox

Get to know the people of Dropbox and the stories of how we’re making the world work better. Want to learn more about current opportunities? Check out: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs


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Life Inside Dropbox

Get to know the people of Dropbox and the stories of how we’re making the world work better. Want to learn more about current opportunities? Check out: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs

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