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Living with a fit mindset

We start things many times in our lives that don’t work out from the first try; first time driving a car; first bike ride; first try at swimming or skiing or snowboarding etc. But if we’re able to ride a bike today, it’s because we didn’t give up. We tried over and over and over again until we finally managed to do it. And what a great feeling that was!

I’ve started going to the gym 6 times in my life. I was always skinny, until the time I was about 23, when I started to have a belly. Every time I started going to the gym I was expecting instant results. I wanted to get fit or at least see clear improvements in one or two months. As that was not happening, I would quit very soon. I thought there’s no use trying.

Last time I started one year and a half ago and I hope I won’t have to start again, because I don’t want to quit again. It took me a while to realize that getting fit takes time and exercising should be part of my lifestyle. So last time I started, I went to the gym thinking I want to see results in one or two years. There was no point in fooling myself with over-the-night miracles.

I would avoid checking myself in the mirror, in the gym I would wear loose clothing not to fool myself with how I would look during the workout. I would focus on what I had to do and remind myself that I am looking for long term results. And it worked!

This shift in perspective helped me gain a lifetime habit. Now I feel bad when I take a break from exercising for more than three days, I immediately do some bodeyweight exercises or pack my bag and go to the gym. Now I know how important it is to have a fit lifestyle. We’re not active as few decades ago and our body is the one that reminds us every time we look in the mirror. It’s easy to grow a belly, it’s a completely different thing with getting a six-pack. See, I used the word “grow” for belly and “get” for six-pack, because you just have to feed a belly, while you have to work for the six-pack.

Now I can see in the gym people like me few years ago, starting and quitting few weeks later. I see them when summer is approaching, right after the New Year. Some faces I see only once or twice. You can see it in their eyes or enthusiasm (or the lack of it) that they won’t commit. They’re not all-in.

Exercising, in a gym, or outdoors, or in the comfort of your home, should be a daily routine, like eating, sleeping or brushing your teeth. It’s something your body needs. That’s why now my long term goal changed into an even longer one. I want to be a fit old man.

Let’s see how that works out!

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