e-Book: “The Road Story. From Chile to NYC on an oldtimer Guzzi”

Late February 2015, my 39-years old Moto Guzzi and I hit the road in Valparaiso, Chile. The starting point of Connecting Las Americas: a 6-months motor journey all the way up to New York City, to document social businesses along the way.

After crossing 6 countries in 168 days, me and my loyal Guzzi arrived at Times Square in New York City.

We made it. We did it. We freakin’ did it.

We covered 10,000 miles together in about 5 months. In all the countries we passed, we met people and businesses that are working to make this world a better place. People that are challenging the status quo and reigning paradigms, in search of solutions for the issues we face as a global society.

People who act. People who do. People with courage.

It’s time to introduce you to all of these people through an e-book. A Road Story, combined with best practices of the companies I visited. A collection of business cases, mixed with cool pics, and videos from on the road.

Moving forward towards a better world. Just like me and my bike.

Join the ride and be inspired by all these companies, from Peru, to Colombia, and to the US. All over the Americas. For sure it’s gonna be fun.

As the production of the e-book will be open to follow, please feel free to leave comments, remarks, and questions along the way. They will improve the story.

Yours truly,

Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar

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