A queen of snails
this world holds a slice of pasture for all of us

No big thoughts or words for this one. Just a joyful breeze through the recently arrived spring and soon to be summer wind and all of life’s daily pent up beauty.

From the forest snails and their little queen to the elephants and mammoths that walked the soil of this planet in what is now yesteryears long forgotten past. You and me, the alpha male and all the tiny wolf cubs. The mountain gorillas and European Bison, the short-haired bumblebee that mounts its much-needed return from extinction back to European soil from the depth of Swedens mythical and forestry Viking land.

To the tigers, the countless city dwellers, the stubborn meat eaters, the oppressive god believers and pagan science sapiens.

We are all the caretakers of this world, and truth be told, homo sapiens have not done nearly as good as we can, and need to do.

Case in point the tiny but highly cute and essential bumblebee. They are only returning back from the brink of global extinction thanks to people changing our own way of life into a kinder and more sustainable and healthy life, creating the sustainable and thriving habitat that the bumblebee needs to survive.

But we are not only saving the bumblebee we are also the only reason it was put there in that end of life, extinction zone to begin with due to the damaging and unsustainable life we forced upon this entire planet for far too long.

Harming each other, this planet, it´s plants and wildlife.

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