Book: Carmilla, a vampire love story between two girls by author by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. Mature story telling. Photography, and minor writing by Mike Koontz.

A sensual love story of sorts, between two girls. One born again as a creature of the night. And the other a sun-loving human female. The origins of Carmilla also happens to be the same sex relationship story that inspired Bram Stoker to go on and unleash one of the more important contemporary work of fictions there is with his own book “Dracula”

Instead of contemplating the global sadness that might come out of a potus elected through a message of immature anger and intolerance and science denial, snuggle down in bed, drink some black coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy a good vampire story :).

I promise the world will still be here come tomorrow, and as always, the world will continue to improve even when it stumbles temporarily, and in a few years we will all get to vote for a better bunch of people.

Read the book.