Book: ‘Tales from Winters Realm’ Book 2, is a short song of words from Winters Realm, with poetry and photography, and short stories from life by Mike Koontz.

Tales from Winters Realm 2, photography and writing by Mike Koontz

Tales from winters realm 2 is a short weekend read made up of photography, and whimsical thoughts presented over 15 chapters as a collection of short stories, photography and poetry from life on Earth.

by Norse author Mike Koontz.


I walk 
one step in front 
of the other

the seasons, that play 
upon thin threads of 
trees and leafs 
and flesh, it is the quaint imaginary

Is it spring or autumn 
I cant quite tell 
twilight morning

but perhaps you know 
that the snow is gone 
and the squirrel 
plays it peculiar 
song of joy

a beaver speaks 
and the water breaks 
once more 
against both 
old and 
stones that lay 
down in our creek

falcons and deers 
two little cubs 
and four foxes, near

the rattle of leafs 
and the approaching morning 
like in 
a somnambulistic dream

whisper my name

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