Delicious Sex and Equality

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Jun 22, 2015 · 2 min read

Sex, and People
The sweet nectar of a Healthy Life

In order to keep your summer feverish minds entertained, here is a simple look at real sexual equality and our beautiful individual needs and pleasures.

Our garden of wonder — Life

The simplicity and beauty of that wonderful thing called female sexuality is that it is just as individual as male sexuality. There are no gender-based differences in lust and need, love and naughty fun — the only gender-based sexual differences are the purely physical ones.

As far as pleasures, sweet naughty fun, curiosity, yummy horny needs of pleasures and exploration being met and fulfilled.

It is all based on who we are as individuals, what we need and enjoy, what makes us tick and what makes us cum. Our gender, gods or culture matters not at all when it comes to sex and the things we crave and enjoy.

What matters emotionally and sexually is what makes us as individuals tick.

Photography and ‘life is your art’ product by Mike Koontz

Girls are just like us guys and that is a beautiful thing, so enjoy it and enjoy allowing girls enjoying it too, their own individual way.

No, sexual equality between gender and people do not constitute a sexual vanilla relation. Nor does it constitute a strict couple relation. The only rules that apply is what all adults involved do enjoy. The things they individually need and desire to do and explore in any and every given moment.

Some girls like it rough, some like it with many, some like it kinky, some like it in their butt, some like it girl on girl, some like it sweet, some like it all but need it all to be with someone they actually love.

Some like it with someone, just not with you.

Either way — it is all individual, and it is all yummy and right just like that.

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Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.

a Norse View

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life is your art by Mike Koontz

Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.