Planet Earth: “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.”.

Mike Koontz
Oct 14, 2016 · 3 min read

This is our life in the Anthropocene, today and tomorrow.
Excessive Air Pollution, soil degradation, polluted water, unsustainable energy. Unhealthy food production and sedentary living is damaging life and health of almost every human being

Text and photography by Mike Koontz

This is a long form article covering our individual and global, planetary health and the way it is all linked together, today and every tomorrow from here until eternity:

WHO, the U.N. health agency revealed September 2016 that 92 percent of the global population now live in areas where human-made air pollution exceeds what WHO consider safe for your health.

All while ever-increasing global temperatures and increasing frequency in weather-related disasters keep making not just daily life but also food production and food security harder for all.
A basic premise and reality which will have to go hand in hand with a growing worldwide population. A population that deserves a healthy and fulfilling life.

But, not only is one in nine deaths worldwide in some way caused by air pollution. Perhaps more importantly, beyond that number, hundreds ( billions actually ) of millions of people are affected in their daily life with various health issues due to human-made pollution and other unhealthy aspects of modern day life of some sort.

So the question should not be ‘can we afford to go healthy and sustainable’.

No, instead, the reality already is ‘How fast can we go all sustainable and healthy, because we already know that we can not afford to not do it’.

We all need thriving food producers and a well-functioning high-tech society.
I do not see how anyone regardless of nationality, political ties, wealth or religious views would ever claim otherwise and still keep a straight face and caring heart.

But a thriving food producer and ultra modern society can not be allowed to be an unsustainable food producer/society anymore, the time for that has come and gone. We now need healthy food being produced in a healthy and sustainable way that preserve our water, the air we breathe, the soil we use tomorrow too.

Our food producers and the farms that grow the basis of our food can not be allowed to hurt the very planet and wildlife which provide us with the things we need to live healthy lives tomorrow too. The cost of us having done so for far too long is already much higher than the cost of going green and clean, healthy and sustainable will ever be, and the long term revenue of going green and healthy is far higher than the “profit” of looking the other way like the sheepish, selfish fossil fuel sheep too many proved to be.

Life in the Anthropocene is about us all.

The reality of it is that we are all living together, and as such, we all have to look at the basic truth of what that amount to.
One nation and person can not afford to live in a way that hurts life on planet Earth anymore.

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Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.

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Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.