The Homeless Invisible

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Jul 29, 2015 · 2 min read

inside out, the blind leads the blind

A few days ago, on my way to buy a few fruits, whipped cream and sugar-free yogurt, as I walked inside the store I noticed a young girl in her twenties. She was sitting right by the entrance in the downpour of a proper dog rain that whipped us all with a free shower. Begging for petty handouts.

Sadly I had nothing to give her since I had no cash on me, but as I paid for my fruit I made sure to get some good ol fashioned printed money in return and so on my way out again, I gave her what I now had on me.
Well, this article of mine isn't about me giving her money. But while it felt good to be able to help her even in that abysmal and far too lacking way in that given moment. I could not help but to observe all the countless, never-ending rows of people walking in and out of that store.

People walking in and out of that store with overstuffed bags, people all being overstuffed themselves.
People with money and too much food and all of them entirely blind to that young girl.

Unseeing hearts and closed off minds turned on, and while I stood there no one else gave her anything. In its own obscure way that little slice of time served as a pretty good view of our global modern world with too many having too much and to many having far too little.
And no I do not care why she was begging for money. Disability, mental health issues, unemployed, a gypsy, living on welfare that is not nearly enough for anyone, was she a homeless and entirely without an income. Or any of the other reasons in life that could have pushed her to sit there.

My reflection is, does it even matter?

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Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.

a Norse View

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life is your art by Mike Koontz

Life is your art

life is your art, live, dream, love it.