National PTSD Awareness Day? No Thanks.

June 27th Becomes Veterans Affairs Disorder Day

Today is a special day.

Congress has dubbed today, National PTSD Awareness Day

As a veteran, I think it’s time we get rid of the “disorder” part of PTSD. Congress and the VA have created a day that only further spreads stereotypes about veterans having, “disorders.”
The symptoms of PTS are natural reactions to extreme events.

But there’s is an organization with disorders we need to be concerned about… and that’s the VA.

It’s important that we band together and always remember who has the disorder. That’s why I’m officially dubbing today:

National Veterans Affairs Disorder Day!
National Veterans Affairs Disorder Day! Raising awareness about the only group WITH the disorder.

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When Congress and the VA try to get us to wear the label of disorder, they ask us to cede our power to them. I refuse to bow my head to those who don’t respect us.

We are veterans of an all volunteer military- we are some of the last Americans willing to volunteer for anything our government asks.

There are many in Congress and the VA who would love for veterans to continue wearing the, disorder label. The larger the groups are who look to Congress for special treatment, the longer congressional parasites can remain in office.

The public approval for congress is at an all time low. Meanwhile the national approval for Veterans is at an all time high. Career politicians in congress are scared that more veterans will run for office. Career bureaucrats at the VA who work 20 hours a week are terrified their gravy train will disappear.

So make sure you celebrate National Veterans Affairs Disorder Day. Share stories with everyone you know about how the VA works.

This message brought to you by my Kickstarter project: Veterans: Don’t Reintegrate, Rebuild America.

June 27th 2014: National Veterans Affairs Disorder Day. Raising awareness about the only group WITH the disorder- the VA.

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