The paradox of life is a riddle that must be embraced. :) One of my favorite sayings. Floris

The biggest life lesson for every belief. (read this one first!)

The riddle of life solved for every conviction there is.

Many wonder what life is all about. Our own belief system always seems to limit the options. Well here is hope for everyone. Whatever you believe, here’s helpful advice how to live with that. And if you feel attracted to more than one, well, dive right in. :)

Seek your strongest conviction and click the link. :)

I’m gonna die and that’s it. How to accept that?

There’s an eternal life after death. Then what to do with this life?

Mother Earth is in trouble and needs our help. How can I help?

All efforts to make a difference are futile. So why bother trying?

We create our own reality. How make that work best for me?

I am because we are. Then how to behave as individual?

Everything is an illusion. Then how to have meaning at all?

Magic and wonder are everywhere. How can I embrace it?

It’s all survival of the fittest. How to better train myself to survive?

I tried and failed. I’m such a loser. How to deal with that?

I know everything best! How to overcome other peoples stupidity?

Love is all that matters. Love is all. Then how to strive for that?


More may follow when you add suggestions in the comment section below. :)



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