How Can We Accept Lord Krishna as God Despite His Actions of Flirting with Gopis or the Village Maiden Girls?

Ras-Leela of Sri Krishna during boyhood depicts the message of the yearning of the embodied souls to merge with the Cosmic Spirit of God. — Sri Krishna at that time was merely a 12 year old boy in Vrindavan.

There is a deeper significance of Lord Sri Krishna to have Ras-leela with 16000 Gopis or maiden village girls. We all think of it on a human level that Lord Sri Krishna was an amorous God to dally with unmarried young girls and enjoy seeing their naked body.

That is not the reality and it is misunderstood in a wrong sense as the childhood Ras-Leela or play of Sri Krishna was to deliver a deep spiritual message to the humanity.

What is your concept of God-consciousness? Is God-consciousness ‘male’ or ‘female?’ The male and female body have been created so that propagation of the living species and race can take place.

When God incarnates on earth, He also has to take a human form and enact ‘Ras-leela’ or ‘play’ to impart spiritual message to the discerning souls.

Lord Sri Krishna says — “My Spirit of God is the Father of this world, the Mother, the Grandsire; the sustainer and ruler of the entire Universe. I am the one to be known and the purifier. Know Me as the sacred sound AUM and the Rik, Saman and the Yajur Vedas.” (Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 17)

Similarly does a mother see any vulgarity while bathing her small naked baby boy?

The 16000 Gopis here represent individual souls or Jivatmans who want to unite and merge with Paramatma or God on a spiritual plane and not physical plane of human existence. That number could be even 16 lakhs, as it is just symbolic.

How many Krishna’s do you see in the above picture? The above picture depicts that the spirit of God is omnipresent and present everywhere with each ‘Gopi’ as their heart has pure devotion and ‘bhakti.’

Logically, otherwise is it possible for a man to satisfy 16000 wives at the same time? — No, it is impossible.

Since Lord Sri Krishna represents consciousness of God, and each Gopi feels that Sri Krishna is dancing with her, as the Spirit of God is omniscient and all pervading.

The significance of the above Rasleela by Lord Sri Krishna is that human beings are born naked, and while growing up they pick up a huge ego and ‘ahankar’ to decorate their bodies with beautiful clothes.

One has to shed and remove all ego of personality to merge with God-consciousness in the Spiritual plane.

It is all symbolic as Sri Krishna never had sexual intercourse with 16,000 Gopis or maiden girls. It does not even make any sense that any man can have physical and sexual intimacy with 16000 girls, at the same time. — How is that possible?

In Christianity the unmarried nuns consider themselves married to Jesus Christ, on a spiritual plane to serve Him and do the will of God.

This love of God is above the mundane human world so that in the next world after death, they will merge with the Spirit of God.

They thus uplift themselves from the dirty world of sex in the human world to the divine love of God on the spiritual plane.

‘Gopis’ or village maidens here represent humanity who want to merge back with the Spirit of God or Krishna-consciousness, and not Lord Sri Krishna as a physical human being.

In Hinduism, Mira Bai was madly in love with the the Spirit of God as Krishna-consciousness. It was not mundane physical love or sexual desire in the worldly existence, but exalted love and devotion to God as the cosmic Spirit.

Husband of Mira Bai who was a prince got suspicious that Mira Bai was having an affair with someone as she secretly used to go to the ‘Krishna temple’ at mid-night, and dance in ecstasy. He secretly followed her but found Mira Bai dancing alone in divine ecstasy in the temple.

Sri Krishna is visible only to his pure devotees and not to others.

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita:

My Spirit of God is unbiased and dwells equally in all beings. To Me there is none hateful nor affectionate. But those who meditate and worship My Spirit of God wholeheartedly; they are in Me, and I am in their heart. (Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita: chapter 9 verse 29)

In worldly affairs there is corruption, bribery, favoritism, hypocrisy and nepotism. Worldly dealings do not apply in the kingdom of God.

In the domain of God, the only thing that matters is one’s sincerity of heart and whole-hearted worship to get remission from one’s trespasses and sins.

Bible says: “Then Peter began to speak. I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Whoever worships him and does what is right is acceptable to Him, no matter what race he belongs to. ….All the saints spoke about him, saying that everyone who believes in him will have his sins forgiven through the power of his name.”

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Ajay Gupta

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