What Is The Central Concept of Hinduism Which is Distinct From The Bible or The Quran?

The origin and concept of Hinduism is misunderstood in the world to mean idol worship and veneration for cows. It is a misnomer and misleading. — Hinduism is the most ancient religion which dates back to 10,000 years and more, and in comparison other religions are of recent origins.

Bible (John 1:1) says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Bible does not say what was the ‘Word’ and was the ‘Word’ a secret which was kept hidden from the world.

Hinduism declares the ‘Word of God’ or the name by which He responds to the creation. If for example, the name of a lady is ‘Susy’ and I call her by that name, she responds.

How do you address God?

In Hinduism the sacred word is ‘AUM’ is chanted to address ‘God’ and it represents the creator of the entire universe.

The sound and symbol of ‘AUM’ originated in the Vedas. — Veda means knowledge, both spiritual and material, which was imparted by God unto the very first created being called Brahma.

Infused with the Vedic knowledge, Brahma created the entire universe

The word ‘Brahman’ and not … ‘Brahmin’ as a caste system, is translated in Vedas as God-consciousness.

The syllable is also referred to as Omkara (ओंकार, omkāra), aumkara (औंकार,auṃkāra), and pranava (प्रणव, pranava).

‘AUM’ is the eternal sound of pranava. — ‘AUM’ represents the unmanifest as absolute reality. — The word ‘reality’ here, denotes total existence of this universe.

We may use the word ‘God’ to denote reality, existence, parabrahma or the absolute existence, which are all synonymous terms to mean ‘One Supreme Being.’

The sound A…A: It is related to the waking state.

The sound U…..U: It is related to the dream state.

The sound M…M: It is related to the deep sleep state.

After each chant of AUM, there’s a pause denoted by a dot in the Aum sumbol.

It represents Turiya or the infinite consciousness which is the ultimate existence or shunya. — It is total silence or shunya.

The Abrahamic religions and scriptures of Bible and Quran do not have this concept of ‘absolute Oneness’ as total existence.

Bible and Quran consider God as a separate entity with certain commandments and do’s and don’ts, more in tune with Devas or deities in Hinduism, though even the Devas are ultimately not separate but one with ‘Brahman.’

Nothing and absolutely nothing exists apart from the spirit of Brahman as God, according to the Vedas.

The ‘Oneness’ of the entire universe is central to Hinduism. — It is truly a universal religion as it does not divide humanity into different belief systems of those who will be saved and those who will go to hell.

The entire universe of Sun, Moon, water, syllable ‘AUM’ and even the virility in men are the glories of God.

Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita:

O Son of Kunti Arjuna! My all-pervading Spirit is the sapidity in water; the radiance of the Sun and the Moon. — I am the sacred syllable ‘AUM’ in all the Vedas; the sound in ether (space), and the virility in men.

(Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 7 verse 8)Amazon: Ajay Gupta: Amazon.in: Kindle Store : Word of God Bhagavad Gita by Ajay Gupta:

Bhagavad Gita:

“OM-TAT-SAT”…..has been declared as the symbolic, threefold appellation of the absolute spirit of God. It means — Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. (Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 17 verse 23)

This triple appellation was invoked by the Brahmanas, while chanting the Vedas and performing yajnas, in the ancient past.

“Aum Tat Sat” can be literally translated as the “Supreme Absolute Truth.”

God is pure Spirit — -Ek Omkar- -OM- Wahe Guru — SAT (True)-NAM (Name) — the true Name- -Omnipresent… Present everywhere — Omnipotent-Almighty — Unborn- -Eternal- -Imperishable — with eyes and ears everywhere — to hear and see everything- -

All bliss- -Pure consciousness- — AKAL PURUKH- -Eternal Spirit — -Self-existent — Self-effulgent- — from the beginning of the Universe — -Consciousness which pervades the entire universe.

“AUM ” is the distinctive symbol and sound of the Supreme Being or formless God like Hari, Vishnu, Gobind, Rama, Krishna in Hinduism; and Allah in Islam; and similarly Jesus Christ in Christianity and all other deities and demi-gods put together.

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