What Is The Naked Truth of Life?

· A few of the hardest truths of life based on the scriptures and my two books are as follows.

· Sex among all pleasures is most over-rated and exaggerated. — It actually lasts for a short period of time and yet can have long lasting consequences.

· If the lady gets pregnant to deliver a baby then you have the responsibility to bring up the child for the next twenty years or till the time the child starts

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· It is a wiser option to use protection and family planning methods if you do not want unwanted babies

· A day has 1440 minutes, and a week has 10,080 minutes and yet sexual climax can last for a few minutes only at the utmost.

· Then what is the real attraction of the opposite gender? Is it momentary happiness? Do the biological genes and urges within the human body trick us?

· Real happiness and pleasure comes from within one’s own being only, and yet everyone is trying to please one’s partner.

· Self-gratification by masturbation exists because nobody can really satisfy the other person.

· Bhagavad Gita says that the fire of lust can never be satisfied, as it asks for more and more.

· Bhagavad Gita: “O mighty-armed Arjuna! Thus knowing Self-soul as superior and above the intellect, and restraining the self by the Self-soul; kill this enemy in the form of lust and desire, which is very hard to overcome. (Chapter 3 verse 43 of the book ‘Word of God Bhagavad Gita’)

· Buddhist Dhammapada: “As a fish quivers when taken out of water and thrown on the dry land; so does the mind quiver, when taken out of the world of sensual enjoyments.” (Book ‘Want to Know God: For Young and Old’)

· People are driven more by outer beautiful appearances rather than the intellectual beauty of a person, and we seek approval of norms and criteria set by the human society. — What will people say?

· This is resulting in higher divorce rates as the real inborn qualities of a person emerge only after marriage when people start living together; and it is basically a compromise to share the same space and household.

· Ram-charit-manas says, “Not only fools, says Tulsidas, but even clever men are fooled by the beautiful appearances in this world.

· Look at the beautiful feathers of a peacock and its sweet singing which sounds like nectar to the ears, yet it can devour even snakes.” ( Book ‘Want To Know God: For Young and Old’)

· Everyone whether a man or a woman, manipulates others to climb the ladder of success. — It is called making use of human resources to achieve optimal results.

· People who hold top positions in an organization are basically lonely people, as people down below are always on the lookout to bring them down and pull the rug under their feet.

· The world moves with a clockwork precision due to selfishness of human beings. — For example, a tea vendor will keep his shop open from early morning hours till mid-night due to the selfish reason to earn more and more money and meet the expenses of his family.

· People form groups and associations to gain more power and security for their survival. — The world is driven by mob psychology.

· 98 percent of the people in the world are hypocrites with many masks and many faces, and they are driven by emotions of jealousy to be better than others.

· Nobody wants to see others happy, and people are ever ready to bring others to their own level of unhappiness.

· Cunning people like cunning people and fake people like others who are fake and not truthful people. — Nobody wants to hear the truth but only what is beneficial for them, even if it is a lie.

· Bhagavad Gita describes such hypocrites as ‘Mithyacharah’ or people with many faces. — People are so hollow as to even worship beautiful forms and pictures of film stars, although in real life these stars may be having many sex-partners, alliances and clandestine affairs.

· Majority of the world population follows some religion or the other like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism or other religions, yet only just a handful of people read the related scriptures of Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran or the scripture related to their religion.

· People go through the motions and observances of outer religious ceremonials and practices in temples, churches and mosques instead of digging deeper into their own souls for spirituality.

· Everything in life is constantly changing.

· Bhagavad Gita: “O Arjuna! One who does not become aware of the ever changing ‘Wheel of life’ thus rotating in the world, leads a useless life of no consequence whatsoever. — A person who perpetually remains addicted to the lower realms of sins and sensual enjoyments of body senses, wastes one’s precious life.” (Chapter 3 verse 16 of the book ‘Word of God Bhagavad Gita’)

· The topics of sex and death are taboos for most people. — People do sex in their own privacy, but it is a forbidden topic for discussion in the open.

· No one wants to talk about death either. — We have remained silent on these two topics for centuries. — These are taboo subjects which are not discussed publicly. That is why we have created substitute words.

· In the western world people do not say ‘we are doing sex,’ but they say that ‘we are making love.’ — It is a substitute word and false, because love has a totally different dimension.

· How can you ‘make love?’ — Having sex is having sex, and it is not making love. — Love may include sex, but love has an altogether different dimension.

· If two people are going to be married, sex is not even mentioned…. and they are going to be married for sex and….and they go on a honey moon to begin their married life.

· We have created a false illusion around marriage, but the fact is that in the beginning two people want to enjoy sex, and babies are born later on as a chance happening.

· Everyone will have enemies and a few friends as well. There is no need to worry as time changes everything. — If you have enemies then it means you are strong and have stood up for something and your convictions.

· Do not waste your efforts to either make friends or fight with your enemies, son or relatives.

· Do not stalk or run after the opposite sex. — Bhaja Govindam text says that upon seeing the seductive breasts and navel button-hole of a young woman, do not come under the grip of maddening delusion. This is just a modification of body flesh and fat.

· Real happiness lies in small and little things…like reading a good book…listening to your favorite music…enjoying a good meal….seeing the beauty of a flower…listening to the chirping of birds…watching the glory of sunrise and sunset..wonder of stars twinkling in the sky.

· Have you ever been afraid of death at any stage in your life? — -Read the scripture of ‘Bhagavad Gita’ and understand the 700 verses of Gita, and you will get rid of the fear of death as the mystery of life and death is explained in the sacred book. — Give it a try, and it really works to lead a fearless and a happy life.

· Being truthful to your own Self-soul is like a good surgery. — Truth hurts but it also heals a person for betterment in the long run. — Hundred lies cannot be equal to one truth.

· A lie is like a painkiller medicine, it gives a temporary relief, but it has damaging side effects.

· If a person is a habitual liar, then his or her punishment is that people will stop believing that person.

· A poor beggar who dies joyfully in peace is richer than a great king who dies in anger and regrets.

· Bible says “Looking at his disciples, Jesus said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God — Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied.’

· Social media is a double-edged sword which can be good or bad according to the maturity of a person. It has made the world smaller for people to interchange ideas and knowledge from different countries without even meeting each other. It reveals human nature and people learn from each other.

· Everyone’s life in general is challenging with lots of ups and downs. Life in general is ruthless and difficult.

· Life is a mixture of miseries, disappointments, betrayals, unfair judgments by other people, jealousy and failures, with only a few moments of happiness in between.

· Finally one has has to trust one’s own judgement to steer the ship of life to safety.



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Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta is the best selling author of two books ‘Word of God Bhagavad Gita’ and ‘Want to Know God: For Young and Old.’ — His books are available on Amazon.