6 steps towards embracing Cloud

There is a lot of noise about “Cloud” all around. Have you caught up on the basics yet? In a recent hangout on the 21st century disruptive technologies, we discussed about 6 steps which can help you from catching up on the concepts to setting up a Cloud strategy in your organization.


The steps that we talked about were:

  1. What is Cloud?
  2. Are you already using Cloud?
  3. Is Cloud Mainstream yet?
  4. Cloud and the Service Models
  5. Why should you move to Cloud?
  6. Before you jump into Cloud…

Snippets from the talk:

This move of reducing cost and increasing speed of execution leads to aculture of innovation where new ideas can be tried quickly in a much shorter time

If you are somewhat convinced that Cloud may benefit you as a business, the first thing that you need to do is — define the Cloud strategy for your organization. Every organization is different and the need and security requirements differ.

For the slide deck and complete text, check the blog here:


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