Durga Puja — Lights, Cameras and Actions

Edit: The Puja is coming to an end today. As we say in bengali — “asche bochor abar hobe” (it will happen next year again). Added few snaps from old pujas of the landlords/zaminders/royals.

Arguably the biggest festival of India is ON right now. Kolkata is bustling with the joy of festivity. The madness is flowing across the streets, lanes and bylanes. Sharing few snaps of the festival — wish you a very happy Durga Puja and Dusshera.

A large sunflower themed “pandal” where the Goddess is located. Thousands of such pandals are dotting the city
The traditional Durga idol gets new shape by the various installation artists
Some pandals highlight the old Kolkata charm
While some believe in grandiose
the creativity goes on a spree
The Goddess at her best with her family
Decoration using bamboo!
The lights
The Camera(s)
And some action

The rural drum beats in an Urbane Puja pandal — check out the man in dark glass at the back of the stage, must be the Manager ;-)

Creative representation gone a bit stretched :)
Little volunteers showing you the way
She studies in standard 6, and was worshipped as Durga in one of the royal houses in Kolkata. Kumari Puja, where a girl is worshipped as the goddess is practised in some of the pujas, including Belur Math (Ramakrishna mission)
Used in sandhi Puja
Durga Puja is also a time for reunion, of meeting relatives and friends after a long time
The old houses get a fresh coat of paint possibly, while they open up to the commoners
And the jewellery pieces come out of closet
The structure and story of the idols differ
But the spirit remains same — of worshipping the goddess

Finally a short 17 second video of the Bisharjan (Immersion) procession from Sobhabajar Rajbari — they are taking her to Ganges.

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