Bucket List: Learning to Surf

So recently I went on a family vacation to the beach, and my mom surprised me by signing me up for surfing lessons. She knows that I have always had it on my bucket list and wanted to learn. I was so pumped!

I had a one-on-one lesson at 8:30 in the morning — nothing quite wakes you up like a splash of cold water on your face, right? I went wearing tight bottoms (just in case of uh — possible wardrobe malfunctions); however, they provided me with a wetsuit. It did keep me warmer than I would have been — and from losing my bottoms.

I know normally they start off for a bit in the sand, teaching you water safety and how to stand up on the board. But after hearing that I was a gymnast and teaching me some of the water safety things to abide by, I was out in the water in less than ten minutes. I actually had no issues standing up on the board. I was actually surprised at how much easier it was than expected. Granted, they do give you a big, foam paddle-board to learn on. I didn’t wipe out badly, but I did get a war wound from the board hitting my face, after getting flipped over from a wave. Sweet, pain is gain.

Here’s my vlog of that day, if you are interested at how my first few waves went:

Overall, I felt accomplished and wanted to go out and do it again. Is it possible to obtain an addiction after only one time? I already want to sign up for another lesson, but my college student budget is screaming no…