1. Have patience with yourself. Even 2 parent households have struggles. We are all learning as we go.
  2. Dont forget your me time. Its easy to forget to take care of yourself when 100% of running your household falls on you.
  3. Remember the I loves you’s. You can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all and then start to assume that the kid(s) “just know”.
  4. Dont forget to schedule in their me time as well. For the longest, since it was just me and my two boys, I felt like I spent every waking second of the day around them and that…




As a single parent its known we find our community wherever we can. Things are a little more hectic, a little stressful, and sometimes just a tad bit more exciting. This publication was created to build awareness and share the experiences of those raising kids alone.

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Sapphire King

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