Leaving New Meen, Nabat street chase, The party

Chapter I | Episode V | 6/17/2016

NEW MEEN has been saved.
The 4 renegades-turned-heroes have saved
the fledgling Twi’lek mining community.Through the
brilliant actions of the sneaky crew
ANGU DROMBB is no more, and
his ‘encampment’ demolished.
Though the renegade crew has accomplished much,
they will soon discover that their biggest challenge
lies in wait. As they enter the next stage in their adventure
they will soon discover that their actions have not gone
unnoticed by more powerful beings than themselves.
The now flattened encampment was part of a much bigger plan
than they can yet comprehend, and repercussions will be extensive…

Back to Nabat

As our party arrives back in New Meen, they are serenaded with cheers and celebratory shouts. The town witnessed the destruction of their antagonistic neighbors in the Ryloth rising morning light. B’ura B’an is still astounded by the acts of his rescuers, but cannot deny their efficiency.

As the heroes are celebrated, B’ura mentions to them that Nyn, one of the other leaders and representatives of the miner’s movement would love to speak to them back in Nabat before they finish their business on Ryloth. The group agrees to stop by and speak with her, and take their rest in the shanty town’s ramshackle guest barracks. They are also tended to by a wide-eyed medical aide, impressed by their accomplishments.

After a decent rest, the party decides to head back to Nabat, but not after some stiff words to Arnet, the young and anxious Twi’lek guard who ‘helped’ at the cantina. The party regroups and has an uneventful ride back to Nabat, B’ura not daring to say a word to his associates.

The Nabat spaceport seems particularly busy today. As Twil pilots the speeder through the city gates, the renegades can see a great crowd milling about the landing pad. It seems that a number of craft, freighters of all sizes, have arrived today. Trolleys and droids bearing trade goods from worlds all around the Outer Rim push their way through the crowd. humans, Twi’leks, Bothans, Trandoshans, and Aqualish are among the myriad species negotiating deals with buyers and spaceport staff.

A section of Nabat spaceport

Piling out of the small desert speeder, the group stretches their legs in the Nabat port market. On high alert, Zanroy spots a suspicious figure peering towards the group through electrobinoculars. He is a tall cloaked figure standing beside one of the entrances to the lower levels of the city. As he lowers his hands it’s obvious he is an alien with an elongated green-black snout in place of a mouth. The alien’s eyes are hidden behind heavy dark goggles. Zanroy knows this type, clearly a Kubaz. Sensing some kind of imminent threat, Zanroy immediately disappears into the crowd, dissipating as a mist into an ever ebbing and flowing sea of people. He makes his way into a position behind the mysterious figure while simultaneous signaling his companions over commlink to start approaching the figure.

A mysterious Kubaz figure

Both Twil and Rath pull away from their negotiations with local vendors, and Idozzi ignores the call and follows B’ura into the lower levels. As Twil approaches with R5 behind, the Kubaz senses his presence and quickly turns and takes flight into a barely visible dark tunnel — the Nabat sewer system. The chase is on!

The City & Sewer Chase

A cleaner section of sewer below Nabat

Zanroy being the only one in position, pursues the Kubaz into the sewer.

Twil and Rath, still a reasonable distance away decide to use R5 to see if they can see where the sewer system leads. Signaling R5 to frantically slice into the city maintenance system, R5 screeches with joy at the success of finding logistics and maps so easily, and points out the first of only two possible exits being a few blocks away. Rath and Twil take off rapidly to try and cut off the chase.

Inside the sewer, the Kubaz is losing ground to the pursuing assassin. Coming to a gap between tunnels, the sewer opens up into a maintenance room allowing for the Kubaz to get a few lengths ahead of Zanroy. As he enters the larger room, Zanroy quick draws his pistol and fires, nailing the Kubaz crippling one of its legs. Screeching in pain, the Kubaz soldiers on. Zanroy’s next thought is to attempt the impossible — bridge the gap in the tunnel system by running along the wall. Making a full run at the slippery, sloppy drainage wall, he overestimates his footing and slips one too many times on the slimey vertical surface, finding himself face-down in the muck and grime stagnant sewage, hearing the taunting footsteps of the Kubaz distancing himself. Zanroy immediately claws for the ladder on the opposite wall and climbs out of the pit onto the landing. He continues to take up the chase, following the brightly colored trail of Kubaz blood.

Outside, Twil and Rath engage in a full out sprint through the busy port of Nabat. Shoving aside the mismatched odd folk from all round the outer-rim, Rath is able to maintain his balance as Twil stumbles. R5 still following at a respectable distance further. Rath makes it to the first sewage access, unable to find any sign of a recent exit. Frantically pulling up his communicator, he asks R5 if there are any other exits or routes the chase could have taken, and R5 mentions one other possibility, one which opens up into another large plaza. Looking around, frantically, Rath recognizes one of the fastest civilian speeders allowed on Nabat parked nearby. Wasting no time, Rath quickly splices into the speeder’s security systems unlocking the speeder and gaining control. Without asking questions Twil, who just arrived, jumps in attempting to take over the controls but instead trips into the back seat. Rath punches the accelerator knowing that the assailant is quickly getting away.

The Kubaz breaks forth from the access port in a glorious explosion of slime droplets and thick globules of sewage as Zanroy comes to a fork in the tunnel system. Knowing that his decision to choose the right path will ultimately determine the success of his pursuit, he looks for any advantage to aid his decision. Picking up on a faint trail of blood mixed into the flowing sewage, he’s able to pinpoint the left fork as his objective, emerging into the hot light of the plaza moments later. Spotting the limping Kubaz at the far end of the plaza he once again continues the pursuit.

A shadowy Kubaz runs in front of a fountain

Twil and Rath pull into the plaza just as Zanroy is exiting the opposite side, in close pursuit. Smashing the accelerator and swerving in and out of the port goers the Chiss deftly handles the living obstacle course. As they pull into what seems to be a dark alley, the two spot Zanroy rounding the corner. Rath jumps from the vehicle, in an attempt to close the gap betwen himself and the Kubaz. In this moment Zanroy squeezes back the trigger with an impossibly light touch as he fires one last blaster shot into the body of the escaping Kubaz who is now attempting to ascend a ladder at the far end of the alleway. The cloaked figure slumps into a pile of robes and begins to breathe heavily. Rath rounds his way into a tactical position to block any possible escape route.

After some small discussion of what to do, the group decides to return to the undercity meeting place of Nyn and B’ura with the bleeding corpse of the Kubaz in tow. Unfortunately for them, they now share a speeder with the Zanroy who is now coated in sewage. The overwhelming stench overwhelms the sensitive sensory system of the Zeltron, momentarily knocking him unconscious.

A Party Invitation

Discretely weaving the stolen speeder through the back alleys of Nabat, Twil keeps a watchful eye for any authorities who would surely be unhappy with the bleeding body of the Kubaz being held in the backseat. After connecting with Idozzi and B’ura over the commlink, the group rendezvous with them before heading into the undercity. The already traumatized B’ura immediately notices the corpse of the Kubaz, and then decides to simply not ask any more questions about this group.

B’ura then leads the renegades back down to the room in the subterranean area of the city. Once again, whispered Twi’lekan code words are exchanged and the door is opened. Nyn is clearly pleased to see the group as they enter; she grins warmly and spreads her arms wide. “Thank you so much,” she says. “Our friends in New Meen have much to thank you for. We must talk more about what happened, but first I have someone I want you to meet.” She gestures toward one of the couches to the side of the room, occupied by a rather short and stout Bothan. He regards the group with wide, intelligent eyes and nods a curt greeting. “This is Ota,” says Nyn, “and he has some news that might be of concern to you.”

A friendly Bothan — Ota

The Bothan clears his throat. “Nyn has told me a good deal about you, and I have a project underway that could make use of a group as resourceful as yourselves. However, before we get down to negotiations, I feel I ought to make you aware of this.” The Bothan pulls out a small holographic projector and switches it on. “This communication is keyed to an encrypted frequency used by some of the bounty hunters who work the Outer Rim.” He switches the projector on and it displays a series of scrolling images: the streets of Mos Shuuta, the Krayt Fang, even images of the group arriving at Nabat. An accompanying text scrolls by, giving the following message in Gand, Rodian, Trandoshan, and Basic: “Wanted: 75,000 credits reward. If you have information, contact Teemo in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.” Ota looks up with an ominous look and sternly continues, ““If this situation continues, you could have very dangerous people hunting you…”

Twil immediately chimes in remarking about the group already knowing and dealing with ‘the problem’, catching the Bothan slightly off guard. Nyn looks at the Zeltron questioningly, but says nothing. The Bothan continues, getting to his point, “I have a proposition. The job I have in mind for you will bring you into contact with those who are currently engaged in a deal with Teemo. If you negotiate well with them, they could provide you with an opportunity to strike at the Hutt from the heart of his own palace. I won’t lie to you, there is some risk, but you will have a better chance following my plans than you’ll have once these bounty hunters catch up with you. “I will, of course, also see to it that you are rewarded for killing or compromising Teemo the Hutt. He should have the credits on hand to pay his hunters, and I will make sure any such money passes on to you.”

After some short discussion, the group hears Ota’s plea. It’s revealed that Ota has a mutual goal in seeing the demise or fall of the giant slug. After concluding and agreeing to work together, Ota explains that he has a plan to sneak the renegades into the Hutt’s palace, but it will take some work.

Duke Piddock

The group must attend an underworld arms ‘party’ hosted by Duke Piddock, a Geonosian famous for his tradecraft in weaponry and war machines. He explains that Piddock recently dealt with the Hutt, but pulled back due to some unknown reason. The group’s objective is to find out why. Once they are armed with information as to why, they can pass it on to the Duke’s rival, another Geonosian named Dimmock — one who continues to trade with Teemo, but may help the renegades inside the Hutt’s palace if they can hand over information that may shed an unfavorable light on the hutt, turning Dimmock against him, and swaying his allegiance in favor of the group.

To Ota’s delight, the group agrees to go with the plan, and rests for the night. Before setting off the next morning, Ota explains to the group, “I have finalized arrangements. The party is due to start in twelve hours, more than enough time for you to make a hyperspace trip from Ryloth to Geonosis. This communicator,” the Bothan holds up a small electronic device, “provides the encrypted signal that will allow you through the Geonosian security cordon. Make your way to the landing pad of Gogum Hive, a small city to the north of the planet. The Geonosians there will look after your ship and escort you to the party.”

As last minute logistics are finalized, Rath tries his hand at unencrypting the datastick of Angu Drombb Twil brought back from New Meen. The second he plugs into a system in the undercity quarters, but before he can even react, multiple tracing signals erupt on various channels, triggering a location subsystem. The hideout is no longer a secret to whoever was on the other side of that datastick.

Before leaving, Rath removes 5,000 credits from his credit stick and hands it over to a surprised B’ura B’an. “What’s this for?”. Rath responds, explaining that it’s repayment for the hangar damage from the fire retardant sprayed all over the hangar during their battle with Trex at night. He concludes with a curt and direct explanation that the hideout is exposed due to the datastick locator. B’ura and Nyn barely have time to respond before they instinctively begin evacuating everyone else in the bunker home, glaring at the group on their way out.

The newly painted ship

Heading back to their ship, Twil stops at a local mechanic shop, and orders the install of a remote monitoring system on the ship. The group then arrives at the newly painted ship — almost a perfect match for the Zeltron’s skin. After the installation is finished, the crew settles in as Twill ignites the engines and lifts out of the Nabat landing bay. A high pitched and excited scream explodes over the ship’s comms. R5 is excited about something, but the captain can’t manage to make out what. After calming the little droid, Twil understand the droid, and grants him his wish: being able to launch the ship into hyperspace on their journey to Geonosis. Responding over comms Twil laughs to himself and concedes control to the little droid. The ship blurs and bends into FTL as Ryloth disappears into blackness and Twil can barely finish saying “Hit it R5!”

A Geonosian Social Event

Gogum Hive on Geonosis

Without much fanfare, the Krayt Fang enters the geonosian atmosphere less than half a standard day later. After docking at Gogum Hive, the group makes their way towards the Duke’s party. Passing through the walls of the Geonosian hive city, they’re amazed by the insect-like construction of the city’s cavernous interior, and Twil stops at a few shops to try on some outfits before the group finally arrives at the party.

Intimidating Geonosian guards

They enter the cantina where the gathering is taking place,, the saloon style doors flanked by a pair of the biggest Geonosian soldiers they’ve have ever seen. They heft the largest wide-bore blaster rifles that they’ve have ever seen too, clearly of some improved Geonosian design. Duke Piddock has probably the guards partly for intimidation, but also partly as sales pitch — their guns are very impressive. Inside, the décor is something of a surprise after the rough rocky walls of the hive at large. Clearly, someone has designed the cantina in order to appeal to a cosmopolitan clientele.

The group immediately spots various underworld and seedy individuals, no doubt representing buyers with lots of money and power, and all trying to elude the empire in an effort to continue their illicit ways. The various members of the party start up conversations and attempt to blend in — Twil naturally speaking with the most attractive female in the room, while Idozzi and Rath take a more standoffish approach, attempting to overhear any useful information without engaging in conversation. Rath stays aloof of conversations and takes his leave from the cantina after briefly listening in on a few patron’s conversations. Zanroy immediately spots a gand whom he recognizes as the infamous Vrixx’tt, a notoriously nasty bounty hunter. He starts to make his way over to the Gand, who at the same time immediately plugs in Zanroy into his wrist communicator in an effort to figure out how he knows this human.

Maru Jakkar

As Twil succeeds in charming Maru, the human female he had just met, he decides he’s unable to extract any useful information from her, and decides to go right to the head of the party- Piddock himself. A grand old Geonosian, he wears a shining breastplate and several golden bracelets around his wrists and ankles. The Geonisian introduces himself to the charismatic captain, “Ah, I take it that you are one of the traders from Ryloth, is that so? I hope this evening will prove to be profitable for us both”. His approach is very regal, but stiffly polite as he regards the Zeltron. He’s more than happy to sell and praise his own weapon-making abilities — known throughout the outer rim as particularly excellent in build quality and power. Twil easily navigates the nuances of the Geonosian’s conversation, steering the discussion towards Teemo.


Meanwhile, the Gand pulls up the bounty report Ota had shown the group just hours earlier on Ryloth. Zanroy can almost make out the blinking “75,000 credits” message reflect back through the Gand’s facemask. Immediately the emotionless Gand’s tone drops and a stern overtone prevails in his dialog. “You’re mine, human, but not here”. Zanroy’s instincts force him to cut the conversation short, otherwise a mutually assured destruction is in store for everyone at this party.

Rath arrives back at the ship to check on the prisoner Kubaz, and to make sure he’s still contained, while Twil finishes up his conversation with Piddock. He’s able to get the Geonosian to discuss his dealings with Teemo. He divulges that he suspects Teemo as having executing one of his technicians, someone named Sivor. Though he is not sentimental about it, it was definitely an annoyance. Twil learns what really upset Piddock was learning that Teemo employed a Kubaz spy who was watching over their dealings. Piddock didn’t appreciate this level of mistrust and surveillance from the Hutt. He further suspected that the Hutt was attempting to obtain schematics and parts for Geonosian battle droids in what Piddock believes is an effort to manufacture his own mechanical army — not only a dangerous prospect, but more importantly, bad for business. At this point in their dealings, Piddock called off his business relations with the Hutt.

Twil decides to carefully bring up the fact that the Kubaz spy who left such a bad taste in Piddock’s mouth is currently being held in the hold of Twil’s docked ship. He continues to explain to the alarmed Piddock that he’d be willing to hand over the Kubaz as a token of gratitude to the arms dealer. Both ecstatic and alarmed, the Geonosian summons his massive guards and orders them to ‘collect’ the item in question. Twil, Idozzi and Zanroy happily wrap up at the party and escort the largest Geonisan guards they’ve ever seen. They arrive at the ship, and Rath greets the group, and leads them to the still unconscious Kubaz. With little effort, but complete disgust, the guards carry the Kubaz away, not sure if they should thank the renegades for the gift.

At this moment, the ships commlink lights up with a call from Ota. “I’ve just got the location of Dimmock, and you need to get over there and convince him to let you onto his ship. If you share some of what you learned with Dimmock, you may get a chance, and I know his current shipment is scheduled for a direct drop off at Teemo’s palace…”

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