Dog aggression or dog anxiety?

A lot of people that come to us for training tell us that their dog is very aggressive, but taking a closer look, we notice that they are so afraid that they don’t know anything else but react.

When Abrams came to us for training, he had a lot of fear and insecurities, which he displayed as aggression. Our first step to training was to transform his state of mind. This is a step that is often overlooked or disregarded in dog training. But it is the most important! Think of this….

Food conditioning for dog aggression

Remember when it was exam time at school? For many of us, the moment we heard the teacher say “test”, our minds went from super wired to super meltdown. Now, add not only cramming for the test, but over-due bills, late work project, sick kids, and car troubles. And then someone comes along and they start teaching you how to speak Chinese in 4 lessons. How much do you think you can honestly learn under all that stress?

It’s the same with dogs. The amount of stress a fearful/aggressive or shy dog has is the same as the example above. And expecting them to learn obedience (Chinese) in a quick fashion or even at all, it’s honestly unreasonable. Doing this not only will not yield good results, it will leave you and your dog frustrated at the end. So instead of focusing on dog tricks or obedience, try to focus on bringing your pup to a good state of mind (calm, relaxed, confident). Try it at home, you will see the difference.

Is your dog aggressive? share your story with us! we can help!

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