The Best Time


It’s like, you don’t get that often in life.
You know when it comes down to it.
The last day. That last breath.
It’s so easy to forget the good times,
the bad. But one thing we can always
remember, are warm spots. They float
into our minds like little splashes of waves
lapping the sand. And I don’t know about
you. But I have lived a good life so far.
It has been up and down. Crushing and sad.
Fucked up, and downright mean. But I
have a little secret, deep in my chest. They
are my friends. The ones I have loved and
lost. The ones that have held my hand
in dark nights. The ones that have laughed
with me even when there is nothing more
to laugh about. I have friends that stick up
for the worst parts of me. I have friends
that make the sun shine brighter everyday.
I have friends that love me deeper than
any dark hole. I have crawled out and they
are the best fucking present in the world.
I have friends and they have we. And that,
that has made all the difference to me.