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Journal in 2022.

Keeping a journal helps you to clarify your thoughts and feelings as you vent on paper. You free your mind as thoughts are put else where.To honestly express yourself. While journaling you free write, no edits because you are writing for you. Write it as it is because it’s for you anyway.Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate thoughtful conversation with yourself!

Writing about your day and things you are grateful for either about you or some else keeps you with a positive and content mindset.Journaling allows you to record your daily progress about any sector of life. You are able to do a personal reflection at the end of it all to monitor growth.As you journal, you are able to track your mood, your highs and lows and this helps in self discovery. You are going to keep record of what makes you the person you are and what to improve on!

How to start journaling?

The first step is the easiest! Get a book/notebook that will motivate you to write. Let it match your personality because we tend to gravitate towards such small details. It may be your favorite color, the pattern, name it. Let your pen be your most preferred ink color as well. You want to write in green or red. Completely fine!

Decide on what you shall be writing about. Will you be writing about your day? Will it be a gratitude journal? Do you just want to pour out your thoughts and free write? Any choice is okay because it’s your book. You could write journal prompts, something new about you everyday or something you want to work on!

Set a time you are comfortable with in order to write without interruptions. This could be morning time, any free time during your day or even at the end of the day. Pick the most convenient time for you so that journaling is effective.

As you write, Do this for yourself. Don’t edit. Allow yourself to write whatever. Let your mind and hand flow in sync. Free write and most importantly be honest with yourself. Make this journal your best buddy!

Write the date so that you keep memory and track of your progress. Happy Journaling!



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