How far can I skip my rock across?

Breaking free and running towards the one passion.

I was never short of ideas. Bizarre, crazy, wild and awesome. I used to amaze my friends with my crazy ideas. Though they were mostly funny and useless, they had all certain quirk to them. Simple yet weird, but always interesting.

Those were the college times, when we were all laid back and had all the time for ourselves. No one questioned the tangibility of our dreams. We were told to dream. Dream bigger, broader and wilder than you can ever. As with all the things in life, I had to move on with greater things in life.

I often wonder why I got myself a JOB? Do I have an immediate reason to go on an earning sprint? What do I have to do with all the money? Save it? Save for the time when I need it? What does it even mean? Am I too scared about the future that I am spending todays time trying to save for future?

All this lead to the point where I’ve started to have identity crisis, depression blah blah blah… And then I decided.

Screw it

I don’t want a job when I don’t need a job. If I’m willing to take a leap of faith regardless of the consequences, then I should jump. Not stand at the end of the cliff and wait for something to happen.

If I can dare to dream, then I should also dare to build my dream.

This might be the mother of all the worst decision I’ve ever made, but its better to live my life on my decisions rather than be scared.

I’ve might even get killed. But I’d call it a life worth living. A life I chose to live. A life where I am true to myself.

So, here I am… standing on the bank of a river. The skipping stone has already left my hand. All I’m interested now is…

How far can I skip my rock across?
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