How Home Automation is Perfect for Security

Young families benefit from home automation and integration.

Home automation and integration services allow a number of functionalities including: integrated home security, entertainment systems throughout the home and adjustable lighting throughout the home.

This level of capability makes the home easier and more convenient to live in and offers opportunities for a fun household.

Security Automation

Home automation and integration has made it easier than ever before for families to feel safe in their home. Some home security options include:

1. A monitor to view who is at the door that is accessible from home, work or a Smartphone. This is ideal if kids are alone at any point in the day and parents can let them know if it is okay to answer the door. This is also an ideal setup for elderly grandparents living at home with a young family.

2. Security cameras and alarms are always a staple in the home and automation makes it possible to turn the alarm off and on from anywhere and any device.

3. Create custom locks that can only be accessed via keypad to designated individuals during certain timeframes. This means that parents, for example can access any room in the home, whereas a babysitter on the other hand may have a key but it will only allow access during the hours he or she is hired to tend to the children.

This level of customization is ideal for young families that want to feel safe and secure with modern and convenient style.

Home theatre integration in Oakville homes has also become popular for young families. This allows a family to control the entire home theatre network from a remote. It is possible to play the same program on every TV or radio throughout the home, or different shows. This is great for big families that have different entertainment needs and enjoy movies, television and music.

Automated lighting means that the same universal remote can control the lighting in every room of the home. Homeowners can turn off the patio light from bed or switch a light on in the kitchen if they are traveling downstairs for a snack in the middle of the night. Turning off a light from bed a homeowner forgot about is a great way to be energy efficient without getting back up out of bed! This is a customization that many home owners wonder how they ever lived without.

There are a number of new homes that have just been moved into in Oakville, Mississauga and throughout Toronto’s GTA that offer so much potential to turn an already dream house into a functional and fun home that provides advantages for every member of the family.

To learn more about home theatre integration in Oakville and the surrounding GTA contact Connect Sense.

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