Hi, I’m Christina + I Have This Big Idea

It’s been five years since I made the switch from writer to social entrepreneur and a very funny thing happened along the way. I largely stopped writing for public consumption.

How could I not? Building an organization involves so much writing. My energies in those early days were almost exclusively devoted to writing, but writing one-pagers, core principles, program plans, query emails, pitch emails, sales emails, corporate partnership decks, grant proposals, RFP’s, job descriptions, etc. etc. And perhaps in balance, the other outlets that used to consume my writing energies: my photo blog, my regular blog, social media… they faded away.

In retrospect, I wish I had figured out a way to live blog this amazing ride from the very beginning. But I have to give myself a pass because the onslaught of inbound was tremendous. And I was in a very different place four years ago. Sometimes there is a temptation to not dwell on the past and “forget regret,” yet I found myself really wishing that I could just start writing about the early days of All Star Code now, even four years later. And then, someone told me that I could.

So, I’m going to start writing about ASC in its early days, but through the lens of now.

These thoughts will take many forms. Expect to read me reaching back into my brain to recount specific stories from our early days, answering with specifics the question I so often receive: Where did I get the idea? How did you get started? What is most essential for an entrepreneur to do? Did you encounter racism or sexism? What does your day-to-day look like?

I keep a journal so I’m excited to dig through entries and hope I’ll have some specifics for everyone, even though the updates won’t be in real time. But also expect to see reflections here, about what was a good idea, and what, in retrospect was not. I’m excited to articulate what has most surprised me on this journey. I plan to also include impressions of tech culture, how it feels to be a black (and Filipina), female, New York-native, WSJ alum, turned non-profit founder in the learn-to-code landscape.

Also, everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge advice giver, so expect to see all anecdotes and stories peppered with lessons learned, things to remember, books to read and other suggestions.

My goal in writing this is that it helps others reach their dreams. And the first step to reaching your dream, is actually knowing and articulating what it is. The other reason is personal. A while ago, I started a blog to promote my e-memoir. I was trying on a new identity as a “writer” rather than a newspaper journalist. On it I described myself as an “Opinionated woman, wife, mother, dog owner. I believes that writing will show me the way.” I still believe that. It’s proven true in so many ways.

I’m really excited about this!

I welcome questions, feedback, suggestions. You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn and all other social media via @clewishalpern.