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So if you are new to coding, you want to gain as much practical and beneficial knowledge as you can. And finding a source of this knowledge is essential, this will give you a big kickstart in your development.

Here you can learn all the basics you need. If you don’t know where to begin, you can take their quiz. It will tell you what programming language suits you the best.
Although you can take a path course, which will help you grow in a specific field by your choice

It is full of different information on various topics and programming languages. There are enormous numbers of posts and tutorials for beginners to practice and master their programming.

As soon as you start coding, and start googling your questions, you will probably often see this website, which will give you a lot of tutorials on the specific task you need to solve.

If you have already got your hands on some coding, you should have a place where you can practice more and gain experience. It provides you with a lot of resources, tasks to solve, and job interview questions. Also, many companies are hiring people through this website.

As the previous website, it is all about practice, here you have to solve various tasks. You can choose almost any language, compete, and get to new levels.
It is a lot of fun and totally worth trying.

To be continued…

If you know any similar websites, comment on them here, so together we can create the most useful list for upcoming beginners😊



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