Three things a day

Simply plan your next day.. that’s how I finished my app.

One — must do

Two — after one

Three — reward

Let’s make things simple.

One man can do only few things in one day. And an average person stays alive for only about 29,000 days. If you are thirty you just lost your 11,000 days before reading this blog.

So you have about 18,000 days more to live. Give or take a few.

A day gone is gone. You can’t borrow, you can’t pause. You can’t go back. It’s one way forward direction.

Let’s make the most of every single damn day.

At 9:30 PM, write three things you want to do the next day on a stick note and stamp it on your bathroom mirror, the place you can’t miss when brushing your teeth next morning.

No cellphones. No apps. No Reminders. Just stick notes. The point is to keep it there until the next day and replace it only if you have done it.

Wait a minute!

These are not just three different things. They are related and dependent.

One — is important but you are not so crazy about doing it. You always wish this is already done or tempted to postpone it. But this thing, if finished can really pay off.

Two — is important and you love to do it too. But the three-things-a-day policy is very particular about the order. You simply can’t do Two before One. One comes before two is confirmed with mathematical certainty and most importantly because Chuck Norris said so.

Three— A movie. Walk in the park. Telling stories to children. This is the fun part. You get to do three only when you finish Two. But you must do it too because Chuck Norris..

I think I can tell you why three-things-a-day is simple and more effective than long term planning. We plan things which are not done. There will always be a gap from what has been planned and what is done.

The longer you plan the wider this gap will become. Shorter plans are more realistic. The shortest is one day. There is an incentive in doing this. When you get exactly what you have planned. Your brain is excited. This excitement is the fuel to get you going and asking you to go ahead and plan the next-three-things.

The thrill is not so effective when the gap is wider.

Just follow the one day rule and you will be surprised how much you achieve in a month.

Local rules.

Just like how each of the cells in your body follows the local rules completely unaware of each other and BINGO! the whole body works like magic!

..and here is the surprising result. I finished this app in 4 months.

Never had a big plan and project breakdown for months when I started it. But I had a laser focus on what I wanted to achieve, it’s a target that would initially look cloudy but slowly becomes clear and sharp when you keep reminding yourself every day by writing those three things down..

You will just know what to do.