Anastasia Soul Gypsy
Life Torch
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3 min readOct 25, 2022


Image Credit — Christian Holzinger — Unsplash


She Hears The Whispers Of Her Soul, Ignoring Them Afraid

The Negative Thoughts In Her Mind Try To Persuade

Telling Her She’s Not Worthy, She’s Not Good Enough

The Road She Travelled Was Rough, She Was Built Tough

Never Had The Chance To Be Herself, Living In Survival

So She Wore A Facade, Masquerading In Denial

Appeasing To Others Whose Love Was Conditional

Failing To Meet Expectations, Judgements Critical

The Whispers Grew Louder, Haunting, Unleash Me

Waiting For Someone To Come Saving, Longing For A Love Unconditional

Whispers Were Chanting Broken One Come Find Me

You’ll Remember Me, I’m The Child You Locked Away

You Lived In Survival, The Devil Led You Astray

Image Credit — Kellepics — Pixabay

Quieten Your Mind, Go Within, Listen To The Whispers, It’s Your Soul, It Knows The Way

Filter The Voices Of Your Mind, Free Me, Your True Self Is Trapped Inside



Anastasia Soul Gypsy
Life Torch

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