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The “Taxicab number” 1729

The famous Ramanujan-Hardy number

Bust of Ramanujan in the garden of Birla Industrial & Technological Museum in Kolkata, India. Photo credit Wikipedia

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding-Ramanujan

On 26 April 1920, one of the greatest mathematicians, a Fellow of the Royal Society breathed his last in India. The world of science mourned the death of an intuitive mathematical…




A publication about lighting the torch of enthusiasm in your life. Advice, guidance, tips, hacks and strategies for getting the most out of life, with an enthusiastic approach to every day.

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Tara Desai PhD

Tara Desai PhD

I love nature, sensitive literature, history, philosophy, travelling and scientific advances. I am a PhD in Nuclear Energy and always in search of knowledge.

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