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The Winds are Strong, let us set Sail

Our Ship must reach the New World

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Our ship has been sailing the high seas,
Through the storms and the ocean breeze,
Two years ago, we left our normal world.
We have weathered the harshest weather,
We have sailed through storms and gale,
Through the strongest sunshine,
The Pouring rain and the hardest hail.
We are weathered in the summer sun,
We are not going to be beaten in…




A publication about lighting the torch of enthusiasm in your life. Advice, guidance, tips, hacks and strategies for getting the most out of life, with an enthusiastic approach to every day.

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Warren "Storyteller" Brown

Warren "Storyteller" Brown

Warren Brown is an Author, Writing & Life Coach, Copywriter, Artist. Warren has written 1672 stories.

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