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Tian Tan Buddha

Serene in Stature

Photos provided by Author Joanne Olivieri

Serene majesty rests atop

lotus flower throne.

His bronze elegance

adorns the Lantau sky.

Facing North

a mountain peak

on earthly ground

the temple of heaven.

Right hand raised

affliction begone!

Left hand rest

a gesture of giving.

Serene in stature

overseer of peace

worshipped by mortals

and immortals bearing fruit.

A massive stone symbol

human of spirit

energy of life

they offer praise.

Climbing step after step

warmed by his smile

captivated by his eyes

humbled by his presence.

A hypnotic fog

emanates around him

as visitors encircle

and offer prayers.

Hours entranced

in a spiritual kinship

with him, tranquility

occupies my spirit.

During my second visit to Hong Kong in March 2008 I visited Lantau Island which is home to Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path. It was a day of spiritual cleansing and enlightenment for me. Walking up those 360 steps to be up close to Tian Tan who is made of Bronze and is 112 feet tall atop Lantau Peak was nothing short of Magnificent. Lantau Island is considered sacred in Hong Kong to where the government has banned non essential vehicles on the island.

This trip, my second to Hong Kong, came about as a poetry prize winner sponsored by Cathay Pacific airlines. They gave me a roundtrip ticket. It was my trip of a lifetime and I penned this poem after visiting Tian Tan Buddha. If you ever get a chance to visit Hong Kong, this is a MUST experience.

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