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What can we learn from our pet dogs?

The wonderful nature of dogs

Dog Holly and her puppy Riya get together almost after 6 months. A cropped image from the video. Credit: The family album of the author.

A dog is a noble animal that loves you more than himself

Who has the moral right to wear the ‘CROWN of LOVE’?

The ‘CROWN of LOVE’ will undeniably go to a pet dog.

The word Love has several dimensions notably; affection, loyalty and tolerance and selfless duty…




A publication about lighting the torch of enthusiasm in your life. Advice, guidance, tips, hacks and strategies for getting the most out of life, with an enthusiastic approach to every day.

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Tara Desai PhD

I love nature, sensitive literature, history, philosophy, travelling and scientific advances. I am a PhD in Nuclear Energy and always in search of knowledge.

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