Once again, her existence is questioned

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It’s all Meghan’s fault, apparently.

Once again people are talking about Meghan and Harry, specifically Meghan. Of course she’s getting a raw deal, especially on “the other side of the pond.” Yup — U.K. media can be brutal and they love their royals, alright. They don’t love what they perceive to be “interlopers,” a group of whom they have decided Meghan belongs.

The interview with Oprah between Harry and Meghan seems to have raised a particular ire amongst these naysayers. After all — the nerve of her sitting down with the TV icon. …

It’s made “being a friend” a bit too easy

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Friendships Have Never Been So Easy.

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype [insert your videoconferencing app of choice here].

You know you have a favourite. We all do.

Ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, many of us have become more than proficient in this modern method of connection.

, we very easily and casually set up our laptop, our tablet or our phone and settle in for a relaxing “get-together” with our friends. These virtual meetings have become the norm, not the exception in a world where meeting up at a Starbucks or local pub for a drink could prove to be fatal.

Why risk it when…

Urban or suburban: which one are you?

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“There’s nothing like city life!”

That’s what those who enjoy the convenience of downtown life and all of its amenities. A quick five-minute walk to Starbucks. A jog along streets that are littered with storefronts (and more). Culture. Art. Excitement. At least that’s how it was pre-COVID, but let’s continue on for argument’s sake, shall we?

Life in the big city is one that so many appreciate and so many more would never trade in for anything.

And then there’s the suburbanites.

There’s no place like home…wherever it is

There’s no place like home, especially when home includes a sprawling square footage of property that includes three or four bathrooms (the kids…

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Murder and gore are always trending, it seems

An evening watching Netflix was the plan.

Popcorn ready, tall, cool drink beside me, feet up on the ottoman.

Netflix is notorious for grabbing your interest with trailers for the latest made-for-Netflix series that may be of interest. This particular evening was no different.

It caught my interest immediately.

Los Angeles. Mid-1980s. Murders.

” on Netflix is a disturbing recounting of the terror that Richard Ramirez brought on the Greater Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay area during this time. …

How Headphones and Ear Buds Have Disconnected Us From Each Other

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“What was that you said?”

How many times have you had to repeat yourself to someone because they didn’t hear what you said the first time? The reason? They were oblivious to your words because they had their earphones in.

Conversely, how many times have you had a one-sided conversation with this same person, thinking they heard you, then discovering that they had their headphones on the whole time that you were talking?

Probably many times, right? You’re not alone, sadly.

The world has changed because of earphones. People are missing important conversations, comments and more because of their continual need to be plugged in…

Yea, that one.

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Don’t say it. Just don’t.

Dear White People:

You’re not allowed to say it.

You know what I’m talking about.

“That” word.

The one that makes us recoil in horror.

The one that triggers us to every painful instance going back to when we learned of “that” word, often very early in childhood.

The word that you may casually throw around, amongst your friends, over a beer or cocktail.

“It’s descriptive,” you explain, when confronted.

“Black people say it all the time. Why can’t I?”

“I didn’t realize that it was wrong to say it.”

Or, in the more recent form, you’ve offered apologies, citing…

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We’re Tired.

These are trying times.

The past few weeks have been physically and mentally exhausting, particularly for Black people. The sickening video of George Floyd being killed by the Minneapolis police was too much for many of us to bear. There he was, the police officer’s knee to his neck, the officer’s hands in pockets, a look of casual indifference on his face, all while a man’s life slowly drained from his body as iPhones recorded and strangers watched.

The video that went around the world and galvanized previously-uninterested folks has kickstarted a movement that has made otherwise complacent people sit…

On solitude via proxy in a busy household

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“If only I had the time.”

That was the refrain that I’d say to myself as the day-to-day responsibilities of life and work kept me busier than I thought I needed to be.

And then the pandemic happened. took the collective wind out of our global sails and rendered us stunned and stultified, literally and figuratively.

Physical distancing, social isolation and shelter-in-place directives were the name of the game and all of us were thrust into home sweet home with no end date in sight.

Hope was not lost, however for many who saw an opportunity in this new normal.

It seemed that many of…

The truth is, reluctantly, revealed

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The Truth Revealed

My social media feed is full of friends revealing an embarrassing truth or two. Now that this inconvenient pandemic has altered their regularly-scheduled maintenance appointments, nerves are frayed.

You see, some of us women are a tad vain. We admit it. We want to look good, by whatever means necessary.

For some of us, this means permanently black, brown, blonde or red hair, age be damned. …

Life, Unvarnished.

Life, unvarnished.

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