All these years later

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Practice makes perfect

When self is the final frontier

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These are our voyages

The pain never really went away


Healing time may vary

On life in the age of Zooming

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“Turn off your mike! We can hear you!”

“Can you mute your mike, please?”

“Someone’s got their mike on. Whoever it is, can you turn it off? It’s the little icon that looks like a microphone. Just click on it and you’ll be muted. Thanks.”

Online shopping as a time-waster is the norm during the pandemic

We just called it something else


A ‘Scarlett Letter’ was just the beginning

Et Tu, Brute?

You’re looking like a hot mess and someone is trying to FaceTime you

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Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Only if we admit that the five-day workweek doesn’t exist

A restful fantasy

We really don’t

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Retail therapy strikes again

Life, Unvarnished.

Life, unvarnished.

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