The Frodo Impact — Expected & Unexpected

Frodo has been an exciting development in our lives. Happiness, now, has a tablespoon of responsibility. Blink-your-eye-and-step-out way of life is gradually being replaced by plan-days-in-advance. Independence now calls for a-dependable-support-system. Alone-time is shared by training-time. 
But none of these caught us unawares. What definitely caught us unawares is the limelight Frodo has gotten us into.

At 7 weeks old, Frodo is already a star in our neighbourhood.

The other day when Nitish drove back home from work, a group of kids ranging from 5 year old to 12 year old ran towards the car — “Puppy’s car is here. Puppy’s car is here.” Nitish, who avoids all sort of neighbourly attention could have ducked under the car seat. But as a kid who has grown up with and loved dogs all his life, he could hear the excitement and exuberance in their voices. Unfortunately, there was no “puppy” in the car at that point of time. But we ensured that all the kids got to “see” Frodo. They look forward to those few minutes when I carry him downstairs in my arms. The kids are not allowed to touch Frodo but “meeting” him every evening they find comfort in knowing that he will soon grow up and play with them. I already have 3 people from my building wanting to baby sit Frodo, in case the need arose!

I have friends calling and messaging congratulating us on finally getting the dog we always wanted. It is heartening and the excitement is infectious. I can’t wait for his vaccinations to be over which is when he gets the green signal to go all out in his socialisation. I have been sharing his pictures and loving everyone’s “Awwwww” reactions! Play dates with Frodo have already served as a great barter for a few priced experiences!

But the most pleasant, surprising reaction has been from dad. No one else presses me for Frodo’s pictures and videos as much as dad does. His day starts with the message of “video” and ends with asking “how is Frodo?” with obviously several exchanges during the day. If I don’t send him Frodo’s pictures and videos, dad blackmails me — “I am not going to come to meet you if you don’t send me Frodo’s videos”. His whatasapp statuses and DPs are all Frodo — Frodo sleeping, Frodo in acton, Frodo posing!!! I think somewhere dad has accepted that this is the closest he will get to a grandkid from me!

Expected & unexpected — Frodo impact is making us smile. A part of me wants him to grow up fast so that we could run and travel together. A part of me never wants him to grow up — that intoxicating puppy smell, that fresh puppy breath and those eyes which melt me in an instant!

Am living each moment with him to the fullest!

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